Top Business Etiquette Rules Every Professional Needs To Know


There are things that you do in a normal interaction or when you are with your family. These things do not actually matter because you can act very normally just like you feel while you are with them.

When you are in a business sitting, then it is the time when you have to be really conscious about what you do and how you do it. These things matter because whatever you do casts an impression on the people you are working and dealing with which eventually affects your business. I have listed 15 basic etiquettes that are important for you to follow as a professional.

1. State Your Complete Name

When you have to tell your name to your co-workers and to whom you are dealing with, you should mentioned your complete name. If there is any difficulty that people face with your name, you should keep your business card with you for help.

2. Stand at the Time of Introduction

When you are being introduced to the workers and partners then you should stand up at the time of your introduction. It is important because it shows your respectable feeling for the others and opens a good interaction.

3. You do not have to say “Thank You” again and again

If you are into a situation where you get a compliment or if there is any other thing happened for which you have to thank the other person, make sure it does not get too frequent. Say it for once or twice in the entire meeting.

4. Thank You Note

If you have to thank everyone for sure than you can do one thing, you can send separate personal notes of thanks to the people on your own. That would create a personal link of you with them as well. This is a better way than saying it again and again.

5. Not to pull out someone’s chair to them

You have to take care of this thing. The meeting is professional and not a family meeting at all. You are not a host to the meeting, and the others are not guests. So you do not have to do that for them. It is same in the gender matters as well. You do not have to do it even for females.

6. Avoid Crossing Your Legs

You have to make sure when you sit, you have to sit in a very professional manner. Avoid crossing your legs because it becomes a very casual style to sit. It has also got a provocative appeal as well. So be careful and do not do it because it will create distractions.

7. Point but Keeping Your Fingers Together

Do not point using your index finger only. It is a very aggressive and un-welcoming style to point. Keep your palm open and your fingers together in a casual and very nice way while you point.

8. When eating, break bread with your Hands

You do not have to use any of your forks and knives to break the bread. Use your hands just like you are ready to eat it in a very sophisticated but casual manner. It casts a good impression.

9. No need to Push Stacks

You do not have to collect the dishes and keep them aside or even place things here and there. This is not your job to do. Let the waiters do their job on their own, and you need to focus on your own.

10. To-go box is for Home

You are here for a professional meeting. You are not here with family. The left over’s do not need to be taken away in a to-go box. So avoid doing it.

11. Balanced food options must be kept

The food options that you take for the meeting must be balanced and it should also the choices of the guests as well. Those who have to come to you, their preference should be taken care of.

12. Choose a Polite Manner to Talk

When you are communicating, you need to choose a very educated manner to talk in, even if the situation is critical.

13. Choose an Exit which is Polite

When you have to argue or make an exit from the argument, make sure that it is also done in a polite manner so that the other does not feel it as a rude gesture.

14. Talk Authentic

You have to make sure that whatever references you make, they should be authentic. Make you deals and prepare your presentation keeping this point in mind.

15. Be Precise

Brevity is the soul of wit. You need to be very precise because the wise is always precise. Communicate your point and then do not add too many details which are unnecessary.


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