Lively and soft lips make our face look fresh and attractive. There are several factors which lead to lifeless and crackled lips which surely damage whole of our outlook. These factors may be:

  • Abrupt weather change
  • Dry air
  • Dehyderation
  • Ailment
  • Smoking
  • Licking lips with tongue
  • Excessive use of cosmatics
  • Mental stress

Further we will move towards the tips to always have soft lips coping with all these bad factors.

Add fruits and vegetables in your diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sound agents to keep our body healthy and full of life so the soft lips. Any beauty related issu can be solved just by adding healthy diet because if you possess sound health you are definitely going to look beautiful and attractive.

Drink too much

Be habitual of drinking atleast8to10 glasf water daily in order o have soft lips and fresher skin.

Exfoliate your lips with soft tooth brush

Exfoliate your lips by usiing soft toot brush on them slowly in round motion.

Have soft lips with cucumber

Rub cucumber slices on your lips twice a day to make them soft and lively.

Soft lips with aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel works wonders against dry and sunburned lips and makes them soft and attractive.

Baking soda formula

Add some baking soda in water, rub on lips, let it get harden and then rise thoroughly and see wonderful results.


If you rub some butter on your lips before bed regularly, your lips are going to be soft and lively.

Honey for soft lips

Make a paste with white sugar, honey and olive oil, massage on your lips before bed regularly and have soft lips forever.

Sugar formula

Rubing sugar on your lips makes them soft and chinky.

Coconut oil

The massage of coconut oil daily before bed makes lips soft and baby like.

Petroleum jelly

Regular massage of petroleum jelly helps have soft and attractive lips. Do it at night for best results.

Things to avoid

Refrain from licking your lips

It has often been be noticed that when we find our lips dry we lick them to wet them, instead this leads to worse condition. If you want to have soft lips forever, refrain licking them.

Avoide lip balm with fragrance

Lip balm or petroleum jelly with any flavor or fragrance should be avoided as they cause to crackled lips.

Quit smoking

If you are adicted to smoking, you are more prone to have lifeless and dry lips. If you want to have soft lips forever, then first quit smoking.

Wrapping up the discussion

After going through the above discussed tips to soft lips, we will wrap up the discussion by stating few things; if you want to have soft lips and a lively skin of your face, then just quit mental agetation, smoking and have healthy diet. If you do these things you are sureely going to have soft and kissable lips forever. Apply the simple tips for soft lips and enjoy a fresher look of yours. If you have any different idea about getting soft lips forever, you are welcome to share it with us via our contact us section. You may also suggest new and unique ideas about what sort of articles should we deliver next to serve our esteemed visitors in a best possible way.


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