Men and women are two main pillars of the society. Role of both men and women is equally important. So, for a healthy society we should consider the role of men and women and their rights should also be equal. Men always try to suppress the rights of women because of that women always have to face many problems.
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Here our topic of concern is the problems that a working woman faces in the society. Our society is a male dominant society but nobody can deny the role of women in the society. Then why women are deprived from their basic rights. Many efforts are being made by different social organizations for the provisions of women rights in the society and law. But the reality is woman has to face problems if she wants to earn and work to stabilize her life. Why it is thought that women are born to be bound within the houses and have nothing to do with education etc? Many people think that nowadays women have not got many problems to face like before. But it is not true.
Women have to face the problems like social class discrimination. Women having strong backgrounds are considered more respectable than women from lower class or middle class. It is like a physical and mental trauma. Women also feel frightened about the very common problem of our society that is sexual harassment. Because of this women especially from middle class are not allowed to do any job and only 40% of working women are from middle class. According to those working women, men are responsible for their problems because they don’t want the women to work alongside them.
In Karachi number of working women is increasing day by day. Women are also working in restaurants and as receptionists but these women are considered an easy target because of their professional smile and attitude. According to CPA (common wealth parliamentary association) conference, 90% of the working women feel frightened while going to job daily. In NWFP and Quetta the situation is worse. Women are not allowed to get their education and are bound to be inside the boundary wall of their houses.
Many NGOs are emphasizing on the issue that why women have not liberty to do job. Which is not a right practice, because if a woman is getting all the facilities of life and her all wishes are being fulfilled by her father, brother or husband, than there is no need of doing job. But women can do and should do job if she needs that. Women should have courage to face cruel society norms and don’t trust anyone blindly.


  1. islam mn aurat ko na sirf izat di ha balke usk kam kaj k mutalk b ahkamat nazil kiye hn.murad or ourat dono ka ilm hasil krna farz kia gea lekin hm ye bhol gae wo kis kism ka ilm tha….jis ilm se ase digree mil jae jis le kr bahir kam krna farz ho jae kia iska hukm tha??????mard ko jis had tk bartri or jin mamelat mn ha wo tasleem krni chahye jase mard k blood mn iron orat se zyada hota ha or iron taqt ki elamt ha…….jisse jo kam qudrat ne sonpa ha agr dono ussi ko tarjhe dn to mashree mn kabi begar peda na ho


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