The Labor Day | May Day


History Of The Labor Day :

1st May is celebrated as Labor Day in more than 80 countries of the world. In 1886, it was started in Haymarket in Chicago when a person threw a dynamite bomb on police as a result of a massacre and because of that there was a strike and firing on workers. During the second meeting of national congress, it was decided to celebrate that day as May Day. Whereas in United States and Canada, Labor Day is celebrated in September every year. In 1955, the Catholic Church dedicated this day as a remembrance of Jesus and his companions. If we look at the history of 1st May, we will find that there are different events associated to the 1st May in every country. In most of the countries, 1st May is celebrated as Labor Day and Pakistan is one of them. On 1st May, seminars are held related to the Labor Day.

Labor Day in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, labor policy was started in 1972 and 1st may was declared as Labor Day. Pakistan is a member of International Labor Organization and purpose of this membership is to protect the interests of workers. On this day, awareness about the rights of the workers is given in many live programs and TV anchors and politicians use to give lectures on this topic.

But as the day passes, all of us are busy with routine works without remembering the speeches we have made on last day. Like other events, this day is also celebrated with much enthusiasm and its remembrance is vanished instantly after the day has gone. In Pakistan, people do not accomplish their words including those politicians who make promises and on next day, they don’t even think of their spoken words. For all of us, it’s very easy to give lectures, to make documentaries, to write articles but nobody acts as what he said.

Darkness is still there:

For a moment, just think about a young one who can contribute to the progress of our beloved country. Think about those who are, in spite of having master’s degree, doing an ordinary job in factories and getting minimal return. Nobody cares for the rights of the workers. In 1891, when this day was started to be celebrated as Labor Day, the conditions for workers were improved in American and European countries. But in Pakistan, labor force is still facing the worst conditions as earlier times. There are many problems in our country like inflation and energy crises etc. And workers who are getting very low wages have to face many problems because cost of living is very high. According to an international report in Pakistan, 1.5 million children are working to draw the cart of life and the number of women is also very huge. But our government is doing nothing for the betterment of the workers.


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