Ten Most Influential Scientists


World has reached the far corners of success and technological advancement. Many people have contributed to take the world to this position. Science and scientists is the major people who have made technology so much advanced. There have been many scientists who contributed in this regard but few of them were the most influential people when we talk about the topic. They are considered as the milestones that have acted as the major contributors. The ten most influential of them are listed below:

1. Albert Einstein

The person who is said to have revolutionized the thought of science is this man. This man is not only cherished and remembered by the people for his discoveries but also for his great sense of humor as well. Einstein is mostly highly regarded for his theory of relativity. He is considered as the most brilliant man of the 20th century.

2. Marie Curie

She is the lady who brought a revolution in science. She closely worked with her husband Pierre Curie and they discovered two elements Polonium and Radium and their research in the radioactivity has laid a strong foundation for the advancement of science and technology.

3. Sigmund Freud

Freud was a genius when it comes to human psychology. His disciples include as great the names as Carl Gustav Jung. He has made exceptional discoveries especially the process of Psychoanalysis of humans.

4. Max Planck

The work of Max Planck brought the revolution in Physics. His research has acted as the point where the classical physics took a turn to modern physics. He studied that energy s made in the form of small packets called Quanta.

5. Neil Bohr

Neil Bohr is the most renowned physicist who won a Noble Prize in 1922 to have made such a dynamic progress in studying the structure of atoms. He gave a detailed description of the structure of atom. He was a Danish scientist who won the prize at the age of 37 only.

6. Jonas Salk

Salk was the one to have won the fame overnight by discovering a vaccine for Poliomyelitis which is a viral disease that attacks children and paralyzes their life permanently. He in this way became a beloved scientist for the people.

7. Ivan Pavlov

Pavlov studied the behavior of dogs and from it he deduced the behavior patterns of humans. He studied the ways in which humans are conditioned through different means which had far reaching effects in the field of psychology.

8. Enrico Fermi

Fermi is a very interesting scientist who from the experiences of his life discovered the ways to create a nuclear chain reaction. This discovery led science to the creation of atomic bomb and world saw a new strategically way to become the greatest power.

9. Robert Goddard

He is considered by the people as the father of Rocketry. He was successful to launch a liquid-fueled rocket which he named as NELL. This rocket was launched by him on the 16th of March 1926 at Auburn. The rocket rose 41 feet into the air.

10. Francis Crick and James Watson

Both of these scientists were Biologists who made a great step towards the advancement of modern biology. They studied the structure of DNA and found the fundamental units based on which the DNA is made.


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