Teenage Skin Problems

Your child is facing and dealing with teenage skin problems?

Are you worried about them?

Get relaxed.

It is normal.

Teenage comes with its own charm and beauties. Feeling “grown up” is an emotional ride for teenagers. Handling different physical and emotional changes is not easy of course and the pressure of handling things and making them right can literally cause depression in many teenagers.

One of the major problems, that many teens face is handling, dealing and accepting their looks. Due to different hormonal and physical changes, teenagers may get touchy about their looks.

Skin problems are one of the gifts that come with puberty.

While growing up, children need proper guidance and way to find out the solution.

Here is the list of some solutions to the problems that you children are might be facing, if they are in their teen years.

1. Acne:

Acne is one of the major teenage problems. Although it can come in any phase of life but usually hormonal changes during puberty can cause breakouts and pimples.

Do you know Acne is one amongst ten of the most common diseases in the world?

Acne can make any teenager conscious and may cause lack of confidence in personality. A child may start hating his looks and becomes an introvert.

The pressure of not looking good may also cause fear in them that maybe no one will like them with this face. So acne comes with a lot of physical as well as emotional disasters.

Guide your child with love and care that acne is normal in teenage and they are still dear and loved, no matter how they look.

Never use any acne medicine without doctors’ prescription.

Tell them to wash their face regularly, as removing dirt from the skin will reduce chances of blackheads and fungal infections that can make acne worse.

A tip to stay hydrated is also worthy enough to be given. Hydrated skin is always radiant and fresh and has fewer chances to develop any skin problem.

Help them to select skin products like lotions, moisturizer, face wash and make up for them.

Guide them to use different natural face packs for acne reduction.

2. Brown Marks and Uneven Skin Tone

Oily skin can lead to brown marks and uneven skin tone even if there is no acne at all. So children need to deal their skin carefully. Managing oily skin is tough of course, especially when you have so many other things to handle.

Guide your children to wash and cleanse their face regularly and tell them about the importance of using sunscreens while going out.

Tell them not to use oily makeup and help them in choosing cosmetics for them.
Encourage the application of natural or homemade remedies for oily skin instead of using costly and branded cosmetics. Using lemon rose water, Multani Mitti in different face packs can be effective.

3. Sweating a Lot

The increase in the amount of acetylcholine can cause excessive sweating. Teens may feel conscious as sweating can be stinky sometimes.

Also sweating increase the chances of fungal attacks on skin. Athlete’s foot is one of them.
Tell your child to take bath regularly to remove bad odor and greasy feeling.

Make sure that they wear light and airy clothes as tight and inappropriate dressing (like parachute or silk in summers or pure woolen clothes directly in touched with the body in winters) can cause many skin infections.

Stop them from using deodorants and perfumes directly on their skin as it will cause inflammation and rashes.

Tell them that it is normal.

4. Excessive Hair Growth:

Teenage may also come with heavy voice, physical changes and excessive hair growth.

Laser treatment may not be a suitable solution for hair removal so guide your teen about hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, and threading.

Tell them to accept and love their body as God has made it and gifted it to them.

In the case of severe hair growth, consult your doctor to discuss the problem.

5. Dark Eye Circles:

Teenage can bring bad sleeping habits resulting in dark eye circles. So the child should take proper rest and sleep and think less about all the pressures and challenges on the way as overthinking will only bring more headache.

Only facing and accepting things and handling them with care will make thing better.


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