Tea Calories


How many Calories in a Cup of Tea? 

Tea is one of world’s most favorite beverages. History of tea is as old as 3rd century AD and was introduced in Britain in 16th century. Tea is originated from China and spread all over  the world. Now a days tea is one of the most consumed beverage in the world. It has different types and flavors as well. It is made with boiled water and tea leaves simmered in it. Milk or sugar is added as per requirements.Guess who will say no to a cup of tea?  No One… Tea is hard to resist. 

How many calories in a Cup of Tea with Milk and no Sugar? 

Simple tea has as low calories as 2 calories per three ounce of tea. Tea is considered as mind activating beverage. It doesn’t only refreshes you but also makes you active. It is hard and nearly impossible for tea lovers to start a day without tea. Adding a milk to tea will increase its calories to 5. It is very low amount of calorie as compared to daily need of calorie consumption. Adding more milk will raise calorie count but not very much. Using skimmed milk will definitely reduce calories in a cup.

How many calories in a Cup of Tea with Milk and Sugar ( Sweet Tea)?

Sugar increase calories in a cup. One tbsp of sugar contains about 48 calories. And one tea spoon of sugar contains about 16 calories. On the other hand,  without milk or sugar, tea is only 2 calories per cup. Sweetened tea is good in taste but excessive sugar is not good for health. One should try to avoid more sugar consumption. However, more the amount of sugar in a cup,  higher will be the calories level ofcourse. So be wise and choose wise to stay healthy.

How many calories in Black Tea ?

Same is calorie level for black tea as calories in a cup of tea without sugar and milk. An unsweetened cup of black tea contains only two calories per cup. But do remember that excess of every thing is bad. Don’t consume too much black tea daily. 

how many calories in a cup of tea with semi skimmed milk? 

When cream is removed from milk, it becomes skimmed milk. One cup of tea with skimmed milk and no sugar provides you 13 calories.  Where as adding only one block of sugar will raise the calorie level to 37. One cup of tea with whole milk without sugar provides 19 calories. Skimmed milk provides less calories than whole milk. Usually weight conscious people use skimmed milk because of fats removed from it. 

how many calories in a cup of tea with powdered milk? 

Milk is dried to powder to make powdered milk. Usually milk is converted into powdered form because powder can be conserved more long than liquid milk. The shelf life of powder milk is more due to less moisture content. One tablespoon of non skimmed powdered milk provides 50 calories. Adding a lump(one tea spoon) of sugar will increase the calories to 20 calories a cup. 

How many calories in a cup of green Tea? 

Green tea is universally known as weight loss aid. It not only increases your metabolism but also helps you to loose weight faster.  A cup of green tea has as low as one calorie per cup. Consuming 2.5 cup of green tea is considered effective for weight loss. 

How many calories in a cup of green Tea with lemon? 

Lemon increases 1 calorie per cup. But as lemon in green tea helps in making metabolism faster. They are very effective duo for weight conscious people. Lemon adds citric acid to your drink which keeps your skin healthy and fresh. With or without milk or sugar,  tea is and will always be our favorite drink forever.  Interesting fact :Tea is considered as one of five socially accepted drugs due to minute amount of caffeine present in it. 


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