Tayammum | Method of Tayammum in Urdu


Many people search for the method of Tayammum in Urdu for their language convenience. The religion of Islam doesn’t impose restrictions on its practicing it for once. The teachings of Islam are very easy and simple to follow. Its rules don’t clash with the new era. Tayammum (abluthion with clay) is a substitute for the Wudu (ablution with water). Tayammum is applicable only in the following situations:

  • If the water is not available in the area of more than 1 mile range.
  • If water is available, but it is injurious to your health or the water is pure but it can increase your old wounds.
  • If the water is available, but it is deep inside a well and you don’t have a rope or basket to fetch it out.
  • If the water is available and you can’t have it due to the fear of wild animals and bandits, but in that case you have to repeat your prayers after the reason of fear have gone.

Method of Tayammum:

First of all put your hands flat on the clay and then rub them once on your face. Now put your hands again on the clay and rub once on your entire arms.

Complications of Tayammum:

  • Tayammum on the rock is permitted whether there is some dust on it or not but on the fabrics, wood, gold, silver and other some materials having no dust on them is not permitted.
  • In the procedure of Tayammum not a single dot of your body parts that are necessary for Tayammum, should be left untouched.

The other breaking rules of Tayammum are same as the Wudu. For more detailed content, the method of Tayammum in Urdu is also provided below.


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