Stress | Anxiety


You feel stressed when you are bothered by some kind of problems in your life or due to low self-confidence. It may lead to your incapability of conveying what you want to say to others. At times anxiety begins due to your anger and mental pressures. It is not mandatory that something which bothers a person should bother another person with same intensity. Actually every individual perceive a certain thing with different angles thus the level of anxiety differs.

Reasons of Anxiety:
There are few of the reasons of anxiety mentioned in the following lines.

  • Inability to overcome your problems
  • Too much sweating, short breathing and other diseases of stomach
  • Obesity
  • Muscular pain- headache
  • Sleeplessness
  • Mood shifts

Few experts suggest pressures and depression as reasons of anxiety. Apart this drugs, fat burning tablets and other such activities and intakes may also lead you to the anxiety. In case of anxiety you need to take care of many things particularly your appetite. Your food intake must be good and it should serve the right amount of calories to your body otherwise the consequence may lead to anxiety.

Does it happen to you often? Do not ignore this by considering it as timely tiredness.

Anxiety Solutions:

There are few things which you should take care of if you ever fall victim to anxiety.

  • Always take healthy food never over eat as it would cause you obesity.
  • Always take proper sleep as this would relief you mentally.
  • Always do a little exercise everyday as it would help you letting fresh air inside your body
    and you feel calm.
  • Quit caffeine and alcohol as its usage gradually it results in restlessness
  • Always watch such programs on TV and read such material in books which results in making you

Anxiety and restlessness are human own made diseases if you take good care of yourself these troubles can easily be overcome. Try a little you can get rid of all kinds of anxiety you are faring through ans always think in a positive way


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