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While searching about the “Steve Jobs biography”, we come to conclude about his great inventions. He introduced the new trend of touch system having sensitive controls instead of press buttons in many mobile phones. His invention of Apple iPhone, made him famous for this remarkable innovation of touch system mobile technology that led his name renowned all over the world. This made him 42nd richest man in America. He invented the Apple iPhone and amazed the world by combining three technologies (computer, iPod and mobile) into one device. Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in the house of Abdul Fatah Jandali and Joni. His parents never wanted to groom him up for certain reasons; therefore he was adopted by Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs. Due to his family problems he didn’t able to get proper education, which made him a low class standard student in the class. In 1972, he left his school, got admission in the Reed College Portland, and studied auditing. His poor profile in studies lead him fired from the college. Then he took classes about calligraphy that helped him a lot in the field of computer technology. As Steve Jobs was a poor person in his young age thereby, he used to gather empty bottles and sell them to buy meal for him in his college life and at times he used to go to the temples as well where he manage to get free food. In 1976, Steve Jobs and Woznaik invented their first APPLE 1 computer in the garage of Steve’s parents. In 1985, he resigned from the Apple incorporation and started his own firm with the name NEXT Inc. Apple bought the NEXT Inc. in 1976 and Steve came back to the Apple Inc. as its CEO. The company introduced its first iPod in year 2000. Apple Inc. entered in the list of mobile phone companies in 2007 by introducing the first iPhone, which was a multi touch functioning cell phone. In 2004, he became the worlds 42nd richest man with his reserves up to 8.3 billion dollars. Steve died in 2011 because of the cancer. For further details about the Steve Jobs biography, concern the topic below in Urdu.


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