Solar Eclipse


What is solar eclipse?
Solar eclipse is a natural event which happened due to the moon when moon while moving in its orbit comes between sun and earth. This situation is also named as occultation. Normally this situation arises when new moon come up on the sky. In this phase sun and moon are conjunction with each other.
There may be eclipse each month if the orbit of the moon might be circular and orbited in same orbit and little more closer to the earth from its current condition. We can see only five eclipse in a year because lunar orbit is elliptical and titled according to orbit of earth. If we consider the geometry then earth, sun and moon can be blocked as well as sun can be partially blocked.
Moon shadow is divided into two parts dark umbra and lighter penumbra in the eclipse. You should avoid to watch on the sun directly in the eclipse situation. The bright side of that shadow can damage your eye side suddenly.
Some Facts of Solar Eclipse
There cannot be no less than 2 and no more than 5 solar eclipses per year.
Many solar eclipses are partial with a total solar eclipse occurring once every 1 and a half years.
Solar eclipse cannot last for more then7 and a half minutes.
Solar eclipse cannot be viewed a total at the North or South Poles.
In every 18 years and 11 days the Sarcos Cycle refers to the repeating cycles of solar eclipses which occur.
Solar eclipse should be viewed through a pinhole projector instead of looking directly.
It is also the due to the solar eclipse that some animals look confused or prepare for sleep.
Total solar eclipse become the reason for decrease in temperature of up to 20 degrees.
In past, it was the thinking of people that an eclipse was a sign that the gods were angry or that bad events were near to happen.
On the occasion of total solar eclipse day time looks totally like dusk.
The halo, the outer atmosphere of the sun, can be seen only during a total solar eclipse.
It takes approximately one hour before total day light is restored after a total solar eclipse.
Solar eclipse will not even be noticeable because the moon is slowly drifting away from Earth, in about a million years.
On the occasion of an annular eclipse occurs the Moon is too far from Earth therefore causing it to appear as a black circle surrounded by sunlight looking directly at a total solar eclipse can cause total blindness.
Types of Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse happen when moon completely block the sunlight and do not allow it to reach at the earth. It is also called the zone of totality. In this situation sun is looked darkened. You can look this eclipse from the earth. On this occasion moon is too close to earth.
Annular Solar Eclipse
In this eclipse the edges of the sun are looked and sunlight is coming from that area. You can say sunlight is shown like a ring. The period of this eclipse is from six to twelve minutes.
Partial Solar Eclipse
When moon moves between the earth and sun and does not block the entire solar disk. You can view this moment but it depends on your location, you may look anything from a small silver of the sun being blotted to a nearly total eclipse.
You can view this by recommended filters or indirectly such as through telescope.


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