Software Engineering


A few years back, in the countries like Pakistan, parents usually wished that their children should either choose medical field by getting a degree of doctor or be an engineer. Due to this, every other person one met wished to be a doctor or an engineer. But with time the mindset changed and now they consider other professions as well. Due to this change, fields of engineering increased and different branches of engineering came into being. Software engineering is one of the most important wings of those branches. With rapid increase in information technology, globalization of the world and rapid communication because of wireless connectivity, the value of software field and professionals has increased drastically.

“Software engineering” this term was first time used in 1968, during the NETO software conference. The conference was held to discuss about the software crises. A software engineering student is taught about various software tools, rules, software development, analysis and history of software. It is generally thought that computer studies and software engineering are two different names of the same field but it is not so. Computer studies is based on the usage on the software and hardware while software engineering includes the development and deep study of software.
Internationally there are different fields of specialization of software language programming, software designing, software development and software analysis so that the students can get complete hold on their specialized field. But in Pakistan, only limited facilities and options regarding engineering are available to the students. Various institutions are working very well and providing quality standard of education in the field of engineering.

Software Engineering in Pakistan:
Pakistan is progressing in the field of IT and government is also supporting the students by opening new institutes. Numerous Microsoft Professional courses, Cisco Certifications and numerous other software related certifications are being offered at reduced fees. Then, other courses that being offered by government and private institutes are B.Sc Engg, B.S. Engg, A.M.I.E, B.Sc Technology, B.Tech (Hons), B.E etc. These all are 4 years programs, which you can start after passing intermediate exams. An organizational body was formed for the regulation of field of engineering known as Pakistan Engineering Council, which provides registration certificates to the students of registered institutes.

Career opportunities:
IT professionals are one of the most highly paid employees all over the world because of the increased demand of software engineers. Manual system of working has been replaced by the computerized method of working that broadens the market for software developers.

Top Engineering Universities of Pakistan:

  • Pakistan Institute of Engg and Applied Sciences Islamabad (PIEAS)
  • National University of Science and Technology Rawalpindi (NUST)
  • Ghulam Ishaq Khan University of Engineering Swabi (GIKI)
  • Mehran University of Engg & Technology Jamshoro
  • National university of Engg. & Technology (UET) Texila
  • National university of Computer and Emerging Science Islamabad (NUCES)
  • COMSATS Islamabad
  • NED University of Engg. & Technology Karachi


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