Islam has divided the social rights of women in 4 categories that are defined as:

  • Woman as a daughter
  • Woman as a wife
  • Woman as a mother
  • Woman as a sister

Woman as a daughter in Islam:

Before Islam, there was a tradition to kill daughters at the time of their birth. Islam is the only religion that protects the rights of woman as a daughter and considers a son and a daughter on equal basis.

If we compare other religions with Islam, we will find that in Christianity there is a concept of Eremitism, in Hinduism there is a concept to sell their daughters. About these concepts, you can get the figures from internet easily and you will find that five out of ten daughters in India are killed and in American society, (on average) three women are physically tortured every minute. You can get the banned medicines from any big store. And in this way advancement of science is being utilized in a negative way. Islam strictly prohibited all these types of activities.

Woman as a wife in Islam:

Before Islam, woman was considered a way to sin according to the religion of Christianity. Woman was considered a way to astray the men. But it is Islam which gives the concept of a beautiful relation of “Nikkah” and the main purpose of this relationship is to save a man from wrong doings. Islam also gives right to a woman to choose her life partner. Then how can you say that Islam is a conservative religion. Islam gives equal rights to men and women and it is the only religion which is providing that much protection to the women.

Woman as a Mother in Islam:

It is very strange that every other religion except Islam define the social rights of women in only one category while Islam is the only religion which is defining the social rights of a woman in different categories : as a daughter, as a mother, as a sister and as a wife.

As a mother a woman is considered a symbol of respect. In Islam, it is said that mother is preferred three times more than the father. If you still think that Islam is a religion of conservatism, then let’s have a look at other religions. You can get many examples of old age homes in the west. They sent their mothers to special houses called old-age homes and never ask for their convenience. Teachings of Islam are different and it is necessary to take care of your mothers.

Woman as a Sister:

In this article, it is mentioned again and again that Islam is the only religion that gives proper social rights to women. In Islam, Muslim man and woman are considered as sisters and brothers so that a blameless relation can be developed between men and women. There is a beautiful example of this beautiful relation of Hazrat Zarar and his sister; who released her brother from enemies during a war.

So that it is clear that Islam is the only religion which is a complete religion proving guidance related to every matter of life and gives equal rights to men and women.

Social Rights Of Women In Islam in Urdu

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