SMS Is A Waste Of Time


When mobiles were introduced initially their purpose was to discover the well being of others and stay in touch. No matter wherever you are you can stay in touch with your family and friends. With the passage time we Pakistani people started using messaging for the same purpose. At that time telecom companies didn’t know much utility of this service and the price of a message was greater that of a call. As wheat crop ripens you start feeling happy and in the same way we, when came to know about messaging and its utility, were cheered up. We felt that we knew about things.
In start text message rates were high and people were not used to with it later they became cheaper and its use was increased accordingly. Especially in Pakistan when there is lot many packages available why not one should take benefit out of it.

The report on communication states that messaging had been the biggest source of communication this year and the messages sent in 2010 were 176 billion in number which would be doubled in the year 2012. People don’t talk over call despite the call rates are cheaper. This is not fair!
That was part of fun. If we talk seriously messaging is being the epidemic in our society and telecommunication companies with their ever coming new packages are dragging the youth to an open pit and nobody is seeing its pros and cons. Through messages fun is being made of the nation which is famous for its bravery. After all Abdul Qadeer khan is also a pathan and there are lot many characters in our country who are appreciable and our carelessness has turned them upside down. All that we need is a message which can be circulated among the friends and we send it to everyone without making sure whether it is worthy to share or not. Now-a-days there are messages circulated with the statement on the bottom line that send this message to this much number of people and you will get a good news. How can sending a message to couple of people could be the reason of good fortune for you. Being a Muslim nation it becomes our duty to stop such messages or if we can’t do this at our individual level then at least do not circulate such messages.
Messaging has truly ruined the nation and especially the kids who have to take the responsibility to run this country. We see today’s teens do texting in class while teacher is still teaching there. A youth with these activities how can be the builders of a good nation. This is the moment to think that are we really heading in the right direction or not. If not, then it is us who have to take care of what our nation and future leaders are doing and not the multinational capitalistic minded companies whose only concern is profit. Ask yourself!


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