Anti Aging Tips: Skin Care Tips in Urdu Language


If you are over 40 years, you can’t have a younger looking figure and a young face. Anti-Aging products are available everywhere nowadays, which may affect temporarily. But there is a need to go for some measures that really helps to solve the problem. In this article, we are giving you some useful tips for the aging problem.

According to skin experts, a good proportion of vitamin C can slow down the aging process.

  • Massage is necessary to increase the blood circulation and to keep your skin tissues tight. That makes you look young and fresh.
  • Massage your skin with coconut oil daily before going to sleep. It helps to reduce the wrinkles of the skin.
  • Apply a paste of banana on your face and wash off your face after 20 minutes.
  • Here is a tip for daily use. Take two capsules of vitamin E and mix them in 2 tsp of yogurt, half tsp of honey and half tsp of lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients and apply on your face with the help of cotton. Wash off your face after ten minutes.
  • Vitamin A is very important for healthy and younger skin. It also helps to prevent acne problem.
  • Obesity can also add wrinkles on your skin. You should control your weight and should have a proper healthy diet.
  • Avoid nonvegetarian food.
  • You should place a single pillow under your head while sleeping. It will be helpful to avoid wrinkles on your neck and face.
  • Avoid smoking. It is very harmful to the skin.
  • Avoid direct exposure of skin to the sun.
  • Drink plenty of water. It keeps your skin fresh and healthy.
  • Exercise daily. It is very good tips to keep you healthy and young.
  • Take very good care of your skin as it is very sensitive. Don’t use low-quality products.
  • Skin is very sensitive part of the body and needs special care. Be very careful while choosing skin care products because skin problems are very difficult to be cured. For example, if due to the chemical reaction of any product, your skin gets marks or spots then it will be difficult to remove that mask and it is also a time taking process. So, it is better to take care while choosing a product instead of facing severe problems after the use.


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