Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Skin care tips for oily skin are beneficial for those who are suffering from the problem as the oily skin can be a serious mess to handle especially when it is time to hang out and party.

You can’t allow yourself to look greasy and sticky while everyone else is busy in making faces and taking selfies and groupie.

Oily skin can spoil your looks and obviously, you don’t want that.

About Oily Skin

When the sebaceous glands in the skin become over-active they produce excess sebum, contributing to a shiny, greasy looking face. The oils in your skin can lead to acne, blackheads, pimples etc. The situation can get worse also. Acne can also support bacterial and fungal Infections on your skin. So it is important to control your skin oils for healthy and radiant skin.

Oily skin can be a serious headache and especially in summers it can be difficult to handle oily skin

Following are the few steps that you can take to control and maintain oily skin.

1. Wash Your Face Daily:

Washing is best, easy and very effective remedy for oily skin. Even simple water will wash away the oils on the surface of your skin.

Always wash your face with some good face wash, rub gently on your face and pat dry after wash. Washing regularly will also inhibit bacterial growth on your skin. But washing may be a short term instant remedy because you have to wash again after some time.

Wash twice a day as washing your face too much will cause the lack of moisture and skin will produce more oils to retain them, hence the acne can get worse and dry skin can lead to inflammation and rashes.

2. Cleanse Regularly:

Cleansing your skin can remove excess oils from your skin. It will remove impurities and dirt from pores. Cleansing regularly can reduce excess oiliness and grease also. Use good cleanser as oily skin is usually sensitive too. So using good products ensure good results.

Cleanse your skin daily before going to sleep. This will make your skin radiant, healthy and happy.

3. Use Sunscreens:

It is a tricky tip for oily skin to use the screen as most of the people may think that sunblock lotions and creams contribute to oily skin so they must be avoided but remember that going out in sun with direct skin exposure can cause blackheads and brown spots which will only make the situation, even more, worse. So always use sunscreen lotions while going out for your skin protection.

4. Use Face Masks for Oily Skin:

There are many face masks and packs available for oily skin. Apply them at least twice a week. You can even make face packs at your home which are usually very effective, all natural and worth trying.

Some face packs for oily skin are

  • Lemon Juice face pack for oily skin
  • Rose water face pack for oily skin
  • Multani Mitti face pack
  • Neem face pack for acne
  • Sandalwood face pack

5. Use Toner:

Toning up your skin can also make your skin look healthy, glowing, radiant and glamorous. Even a simple rose water is very good toner for your skin. Apply daily on your skin and see the results yourself.

6. Use Special Makeup Techniques for Oily Skin:

Using some brilliant makeup techniques can lessen your worry about oily skin and can also make your skin look fabulous.

  • Always use powder instead of creamy makeup.
  • Don’t apply a large amount of foundation on your skin as it may cause gray look on your face.
  • Don’t apply heavy makeup layers for a long time
  • A good primer plays an important role in absorbing the oil that our skin produce. So always use a primer before applying makeup. This will also help your makeup to stay longer.
  • Apply foundation with your fingertips and wash hands before doing that.
  • Using someone else’s makeup brush can boost acne problem so always use clean makeup brushes and pads.
  • Don’t use or apply oily or shiny makeup as you already have enough of that on your face.
  • Set your makeup with finishing spray.
  • Always cleanse your face and put off your makeup before going to sleep.

You can find more skin care tips here.


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