Skin Care Tips for Men

Why beautiful and healthy skin for men sounds odd to you?

Why men are never taught to pamper their skin as women and why should only ladies get all the beauty treatments on their skin and men are considered ban?

It is equally important for men to look good and have a perfect and healthy skin. The first impression is the last impression and from pampering your skin to shaving it, men need careful treatments for their skin. Here are few skin care tips for men. Give them a try and get a mind-blowing perfect skin.

Skin Care Tips for Men:

1. Shave Well:

Shaving is something that you have to do on regular basis that is why many men don’t bother much about it because they think “no matter how well u did it now, you have to do it again”

But we suggest you pay special attention when it comes to your face. Always use sterilized and germ-free razor. Buy a good quality razor. And shave in the direction of your hair as shaving on opposite direction of hair growth can cause inflammation.

Rinse your face well before and after shaving. Washing face before shaving will make inner hair softer and shave easy. Shaving on a dry face increases the chances of inflammation, cuts, and acne.

2. Don’t Use Aftershave Products:

Use of aftershave products is common in men. Usually, they apply scented after shave lotions and creams and use sprays also for extra pampering. But the use of all these products is strictly not good for men with sensitive skin. Also if you are having cuts or dryness, these after shave products can cause itchiness and inflammation. So better to use oil free moisturizer soon after shave is done. This will keep your skin smooth and damage free.

3. Go Acne Free:

Men usually have more oily skin than women because testosterone in men makes hair follicles to produce more sebum or skin oils. So men need more care and attention to resist against acne. Acne is no doubt a nightmare. It can cause pimples, Inflammation and can get worse also. So creating a shield against acne is important.

Men should always buy products that say “oil free” especially those with sensitive skin.

4. Wash Well:

As men have to deal with the outside world more than women, they also need to cleanse their face well to avoid pimples, blackheads and other skin problems. Wash twice a day. Don’t wash again and again as we have told earlier that washing too much dry outs skin oils also and in result skin produce more oils which can lead to acne and pimples.

5. Use Sunscreens:

Men usually spend more time in outdoor activities. They have to go to work and for other outdoor activities more than women. As men have more tendency to develop acne and have more skin oils so they should avoid direct exposure to the sun. Ultraviolet rays can damage the skin, promote pimples and acne and can cause spots and using a sunscreen lotion is highly recommended for men while going outside to avoid skin damage.

6. Stay Hydrated:

Skin needs to stay hydrated. A hydrated skin is always radiant and glowing. So drink a lot of water for glowing, healthy and radiant skin.

7. Eat Healthily:

Your eating habits can also affect your skin and its health. Eat healthily and get glowing skin.

Include veggies in your diet as saying no to excess sugars as excess sugar do not only cause different diseases but also promotes unhealthy, full of wrinkles and aged skin.

8. Get Time to Exercise:

No matter how much you are busy, always get yourself a time to do exercise or walk. A healthy routine contributes a lot to fresh face and healthy skin.

9. Take Proper Sleep:

Getting proper sleep removes eye bags and dark circles under your eye and also says no to dullness on your skin.

You might have heard about “beauty sleep” too. Proper sleep is important for healthy body, mind, and skin.

So sleep well and on time as this will help to manage your routine and will make your skin and face look fresh.

10. Quit Smoking:

Bad habits like smoking and drinking can do a great damage to your health and skin too. Using drugs promote unhealthy and aged skin. So say no to alcohol, quit smoking and get yourself busy in healthy activities.


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