Skin Care during summer


Summers take a peal on the skin every year. The sweltering heat, contamination, humidity, smears it off the natural spark, and sometimes, calls infections. To escape all these bothers, and to keep your skin glowing like before, here are some easy-peasy tips you can follow in summer season.
You can beat the summer bronzed and exhibit your short clothes and tank tops in style without the fear of receiving tanned by following these few simple skin tips for summer.
Use of Sunscreen
The primarily thing that should be itemized in your summer skin care list is good sunscreen from a reliable company. Using sunscreen creams and lotions on the skin before going out into the sun helps in protecting the skin from the harsh Ultra Violate rays-A and Ultra Violate rays-B rays of the sun. The sunscreen lotion should be applied at least 15 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun.
In urgency to apply the sunscreen don’t skip your lip protection and eye creams because the skin around your eyes and lips are really delicate that is more susceptible to tan and wrinkles.
When you forget to apply sunscreen while going out in the sun, you can make up for the damage caused by applying natural aloe vera gel or cool green tea on your face to soothe the burnt skin.
Be Hydrated
Keep yourself hydrated in all times by drinking at least 15 to 20 glasses of water whole the day. This also helps in avoiding skin dryness and keeping the skin moisturized. Specially formulated sun protection skin should be applied by people who like to spend time in the sun or swim regularly. It helps in preventing sunburn and formation of rashes and blisters. The creams should be re-applied every 20 minutes because it can be washed away.
Repeat Swimming
Swimming in chlorinated water speeds up the tanning process, so it is mandatory to cleanse your skin and hair with fresh water after taking a swim in the pool.
Use of Moisturizer
Like winter, it is important to use a moisturizer in summer also, but it should be a water-based moisturizer that effectually tenors and moisturizes the skin without making it too oily.
Use of face cleanser
It is important to keep the skin of the face fresh and clean by washing it with cold water 3 to 4 times a day, face cleansers should not be used more than twice per day.
Use Natural Herbal Toner
Toning the face with a soothing herbal toner is a natural treatment for oily skin that helps in reducing excess oil, sebum and dirt from the skin surface.
Use of Perfume carefully
Don’t apply perfume on your skin while out in the sun because the psoralen present in perfumes, especially citrus perfumes can stain your skin permanently when the react with the sun rays.

Use cold water for shower
Warm showers during the summer season can further dry out your skin and make it susceptible to tanning. So, opt for cool showers in order to keep the skin fresh and hydrated.
Use of mineral makeup
Use mineral makeup during summer because it is lighter than the cream based ones which allow the skin to breathe and lasts longer in sweating conditions.
Use Sunglasses & hats
Usage of sunglasses, hats and other accessories minimizes the UV radiations from reaching your body. Opt for a wide-brimmed hat instead of caps because it provides complete protection to your entire face.
Proper Diet
When it comes to skin care, a lot depends on the right foods. Eat skin-friendly foods such as vegetables and fruits in the form of salads, steamed veggies, juices and smoothies in order to load up on antioxidants and flavonoids and reduce the intake of sugar, refined foods and processed foods.


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