Skin Bleaching Cream: Advantages and Disadvantages


Bleach creams are used widely all over the world to remove dark patches from the face. Use of bleach cream has also become a fashion to reduce normal melanin in the skin. Bleach creams are mostly used in Asia especially in countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka where white skin color is the symbol of beauty.

Girls use bleach creams to whiten their face. As the use of bleach cream is an artificial and temporary method to whiten the skin so it destroys natural beauty and softness of the skin after its effect ran out. Skin whitening agents used in bleach creams are Botanicals, Mercury, Topical Retinoid, Vitamin C and Hydroquinone. All these agents are toxic and have some side effects.

Advantages of Skin Bleaching Cream

Bleaching creams have many advantages and it is economical as well that is why it is widely used. Use of bleach cream makes the face white, clean and attractive. It has instant reaction and makes face white and clean that’s why most of the women used to occasionally on special events to look more attractive and beautiful. Bleach cream is not helpful in the face only but can also be applied to the other parts of the body as well like on hands and feet to vanish the black lines caused by the dryness.

Disadvantages of Skin Bleaching Cream

There are some side effects as well of bleaching creams, which should be taken into account before using such products. As mentioned above primary agent used in bleaching creams is Hydroquinone which is dangerous for the human skin and can cause skin cancer. Hydroquinone is also used for removing tattoos. Another agent used is bleaching creams is Mercury. It can cause skin cancer as well if the skin is exposed to the sunlight soon after using the bleach cream. It is recommended to use bleach cream occasionally because excessive use of bleach cream will cause acne pimples on the face. Use of bleach cream excessively can make your skin thin which can cause stretch marks as result your skin will become more open to bruising.

Important considerations

As the skin of the face is soft so it is advised not to use bleach cream on the face regularly as it would cause an infection. It is recommended to use bleach cream only once in a month. After applying bleach cream don’t expose yourself to sunlight for at least an hour. After bleaching your face or any other part of the body you will realize that bleached part is gone dry, this is because of the presence of Topical Retinoid in the bleach cream so it is recommended to use moisturizing lotion after using bleach cream to avoid any side effect.




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