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Just like dried skin becomes a huge problem for women, similarly the sensitive skins also cause severe problems for them. The big hurdle in any sensitive skin is that it is very difficult to identify the main cause of disease. When women use several products of hazardous effects on their skin, it causes skin allergy in the form of scabies, inflammation and several other skin disorders. Sometimes, such kind of allergy is caused due to use of jewelry and use of makeup that have chemicals in them. The sensitive skin requires much care and should use such things quite carefully in order to avoid such skin problems. Whenever you feel allergy on your face, try to remember that what you have eaten in the last 12 hours. Make a list of all those things and if you suffer from allergy in the future, compare it with the first list and if there is any identification of similar food items, try to avoid it. Many doctors suggest expensive medicines because they think that the effects of these medicines last longer and are affective for skin allergy treatment.

No doubt, these anti-allergy medicines are better but their effect remains for six to eight weeks. In this connection, you should follow the directions that are provided in this article rather than spending your money on those expensive products.

Skin Allergy Treatment

  • Keep a cotton roll to remove your makeup. To remove makeup, apply moisturizer on the face and remove with wet cotton. Then spray plain water on the face and let the face dry. For oily skin use rose water instead of plain water.
  • Use products that are suitable for your skin. If some product is creating itching or other problem then stop the use immediately. Especially oily skin is very sensitive, so choose product very carefully. If a product is creating problem to your skin then note the ingredients of that cream and next time avoid the product with those ingredients. For checking the product use it under your arms, if the result is satisfactory then you can use it on your face.
  • The use of anti aging creams and exfoliation products is not good for skin. It is also the case that food items also cause allergy like meat. If the problem is severe then consult your physician.


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