Side Effects or Disadvantages of Bodybuilding in Urdu


If body building exercises are done in a proper way then no side effects are supposed to arise. But if during these exercises even a single mistake is committed, it can be hazardous to your body as well as health. Carelessness during body building exercises can lead to muscle pull, heart problems, muscles pain and to some extent can cause dehydration. For getting more awareness about side effects of body building, read the following Side Effects of Bodybuilding carefully.

Side Effects of Bodybuilding

  • If proper diets are not taken during the body building then your body might lose its energy and you would observe a major reduction in your body weight.
  • In addition to lesser energy levels and reduction of weight due to fewer intakes of proper diets, you might face many other side effects by doing body building exercises.
  • Some times body building exercises cause muscular stress, which might become very bad in future and could be the reason for many other problems.
  • Improper method of body building also stops the development of muscles, because of which the height of many body builders turns out to be low.
  • In addition the hard exercises for body building also become a cause of laziness and the body builders are mostly tired and exhausted. Because of which they require more time for rest and they require larger amount of foods. And shortage in any of these two things could be harmful for body builders.
  • Some body builders starts the intake of different types of hormones and food supplements which for the time being cause enlargement of body muscles, but one can never quit body building because the body requires same level of exercises all the time. Many of those body builders who intake these supplements become fat after quitting bodybuilding. And the increment of weight and fats causes many major body problems and diseases. Heart and muscular problems are at the top of the list among such diseases.
  • There are some exercises, which become the cause of muscular pains and muscular diseases. To enhance the muscles of legs and thighs very difficult exercises are required which some times cause joint pains.
  • Most of the time due to excess of sweating body suffers from the dehydration. This might affect the kidneys. Moreover, after quitting the body building or irregularity in body building, effects also begin to¬† aries.


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