Side Effects of Tobacco Smoking in Urdu


Smoking is one of the major causes of diseases around the globe as there are millions of the people, who are habitual of smoking. There are many side effects of smoking, which can be fatal as well. Diseases that can be caused by smoking are lung cancer, mouth cancer, blood pressure, cough etc. Smoking is also categorized as addiction because like drugs, it is also very difficult to stop smoking. Rest of the after effects of tobacco are described below.Click Here to Continue Reading in English

Smoking first of all attack on the immune system of human being and it became difficult for a smoker to work the daylong or to carry out his/ her assigned tasks. Smoking lowers down the energy level and people who smoke tobacco feel fatigue and laziness. It provokes negative thoughts in the mind of smoker and makes him / her a negative thinker. These people ignore families and became self-centered people as they only care about their addiction. That is the reason that most of the criminals are addicted to the smoking along with other drugs.
Tobacco contains nicotine, which affects the health of smoker especially liver and stomach; the food cannot be digested properly. Your nervous system does not work properly, which also affects the working of all other parts and systems of the body. Cigarette reduces the age of a smoker as compared to a person who is non-smoker because your body parts became of less use and cannot fight with the diseases & health problems.
Smoking or cigarette or “Huka” causes respiratory problems because it directly affects on the lungs; lungs muscles put extra efforts to take the oxygen in and carbon dioxide out (respiration) that make its muscles weak. Smoke of tobacco is very dangerous and can cause cancer or asthma. Due to smoking heart valves become weak, heart cannot pump & purify the blood, which can cause heart attack. World Health Organization (WHO) has published a research paper according to which 54% of the cancers and heart diseases are caused by tobacco.
Other diseases that are caused by tobacco are listed below.

  • Increased heartbeat that makes its muscles feeble
  • A smoker thinks that nicotine relives him from the stress and tension, which is not true. It only paralyses your mind and senses.
  • More than 4500 chemical are found in the cotton puff of tobacco, are known as carcinogens that badly affect your health.


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