Side Effects of Smoking Charas Hash


Side effect of smoking charas”Charas is a common drug in Asia. It is made from alive cannabis plant. Charas is produced and illegally smuggled worldwide. Although charas is used for some medicinal purposes also but the side effects of smoking charas are alarmingly dangerous. So it is banned in many countries of the world. Charas is an addictive drug. Once mixed in blood stream, the user wants more and more of it. In context to its addiction a person using it, should know side effects of smoking charas.

Effects of charas when used:

Charas also known as weed, effects brain seriously. When used, it triggers brain to produce dopamine harmone which is directly related to cause pleasuring effect. It slows down senses and person will feel new heights of pleasures and joy. A person may also feel sense of freedom. This condition is called being “high” . The high effect lasts from 10 minutes to half an hour. A regular user may need more dose to achieve high effect. Addiction of charas can effect brain to respond slow. And overdose will be needed to create false sense of satisfaction and happiness. Sometimes brain may take several hours to respond. A person may have red and swollen eyes indicating regular use of charas.

A person who wants to leave addiction of charas due to its side effects , needs motivation and support from close relatives and social circle. A person should keep healthy company as it is easy to leave this deadly addiction in company of good friends. Bad company may force a person to go back in the dark world of drugs. You need motivation and courage to leave this evil behind. Stay focused and determined. And odds will be in your favor. Stay safe! 


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