12 Negative Effects of Hand Practice/Masturbation [Must Read]

Negative Effects of Hand Practice

Hand practice or masturbation is unnatural activity and has many harmful consequences. There are many side effects of excessive masturbation and people who claim that there are no side effects are absolutely wrong. Excess of everything is bad. If there were no side effects of excessive masturbation then there would have been no term called ‘Erectile Dysfunction’. Here we will list down few negative effects of masturbation and hope that after reading them masturbator will quit masturbation.

1. Damages Overall Health

The first and most important side effect of masturbation is that it damages the overall health of a masturbator. Masturbator feels weakness in his body.

2. Damage The Arteries of the Penis

Masturbation damages the arteries of the penis. Gradually it blocks the blood circulation towards penis, which results in semi-erection or no erection at all at the time of intercourse.

3. Frequent Nocturnal Ejaculation

Masturbation also causes frequent Nocturnal Ejaculation which is not good for health as well as the reproductive system. It weakens both of them.

4. Endocrine Disease

The masturbator is also likely to suffer from endocrine diseases.

5. Affects the Pregnancy

Masturbation wastes the precious sperm which is very important to carry the generation of a person. Masturbation also weakens the sperm cells and can seriously affect the pregnancy chances of the woman.

6. Premature Ejaculation

The most common side effect of masturbation is premature ejaculation. Most of the young generation is affected by this disease. Due to premature ejaculation, a masturbator is unable to satisfy his wife after marriage which can lead to many tensions and even divorce.

There is every chance that the wife of the person suffering from premature ejaculation will cheat on him to satisfy her sexual needs.

7. Damages Eyesight

Frequent masturbation also damages the eyesight as it weakens the blood vessels taking blood to that part of the body.

8. Overproduction of Sex Hormones

Excessive masturbation can result in overproduction of sex hormones, which makes the person addicted to masturbation without any reason.

9. Seminal Leakage

People who masturbate regularly are likely to suffer from seminal leakage. Seminal leakage is a disease which causes sperm to leak out of the penis without an erection.

10. Depression

Sometimes masturbation can also cause depression, tension, and anxiety as the desire for sex increases.

11. Also, Effects Girls

There are side effects for girls as well if they masturbate. Girls that masturbate frequently at the beginning of their puberty changes are most likely to be ejaculated even with the slightest touch.

12. Backbone Pain

People who masturbate regularly like 2-3 times a day are more likely to suffer from the backbone pain because of the sedative lifestyle they develop over time.

It is true that if you masturbate once in a week then there no side effects of masturbation. But it is strongly advised not to masturbate at all. If you will plan to masturbate once in a week then you will be never able to fulfill it because masturbation increases the desire for intercourse so it is better to quit it.


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