Side Effects of Insulin
Side Effects of Insulin

Insulin is a hormone made of protein. It is present and produced in the pancreas. The metabolism reaction of insulin occurs in the liver and kidney. The primary purpose of insulin is to increase the usage of glucose and convert the glucose present in the liver into fatty acids. Other than that, insulin is also helpful in the transportation of amino acids and blocks the catabolism of the protein. Sometimes the production of insulin increases than required in the pancreas, which affects the conversion process of glucose into amino acids. There are many other side effects as well if insulin is produced more than required. Some of them are listed below:

  • The glucose level of the body decreases if insulin is produced in excess. The glucose level decreases because as soon as glucose is produced by the body it is immediately converted into fatty acids without giving the chance for storing it.
  • Just like if insulin is produced in excess, it decreases the blood level similarly if insulin is produced below than the normal level than the glucose level of the body increases. The glucose level of the body increases because there is less insulin available in the liver to convert the glucose into fatty acids. As a result, the less fatty acid is produced and excessive glucose increases the sugar level of the body.
  • The person who has low insulin in his body or pancreas is unable to produce the insulin. This shortage is overcome by injecting insulin in the body with the help of an injection. When insulin is injected into the body, it makes the part of the skin red from where it was injected. The part of the skin that turns red becomes hard and it hurts. If it is not treated on time it is filled with puss and swells.
  • The swelling and pain caused by the insulin injection or any other injection reduces the sugar level further and also leads to lower blood pressure.
  • The excess of insulin in the body leads to the discharge of water from the body, which results in making the face pale.
  • There are some breathing problems as well related to the excess of insulin in the body. It can even lead to the severe coughing and difficulty in breathing.
  • Excess of insulin in the body is extremely dangerous for a pregnant woman. It leads to the frequent vomiting.
  • If mothers who breast-feed milk to their baby are suffering from excessive insulin than it can seriously harm the growth of the baby as well.
  • A person with excess insulin in the body also experiences the cold sweating and patient is unable to do his work with concentration.

Side Effects of InsulinSide Effects of Insulin


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