Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places And Individually


There are laws against smoking in many countries of the world. In these countries, smoking is considered to be a criminal offense. However, in some countries, the law has been unable to put an end to the practice of smoking. Some people have started adopting the habit of smoking as a fashion trend. Moreover, the government has imposed heavy taxes on the tobacco and cigarette companies. Therefore, it is a source of revenue for them. This is the reason which keeps them from putting a ban on smoking.

Whether a person smokes in isolation or in a public place, its collective affects can prove to be disastrous for everyone’s health. It contains tobacco which is extremely harmful for the health. The smoke of a cigarette contains a number of poisonous chemicals such as Arsenic, Ammonia, Hydrogen Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Benzene and Vinyl Chloride. These harmful chemicals can be the reason behind a number of dangerous ailments. Among these diseases, cancer, heart diseases and lung diseases are at the top of the list. Just imagine how the smoke emitting from factories used to badly affect the health. Similarly, the smoke of a cigarette can destroy the health of smokers. Moreover, people who do not have this bad habit also have to face the dangerous posed by the smoke of cigarettes when someone smokes in public.

The chain smokers light up a cigarette any time, at any place whenever they want to. They do not worry about the other people present around them. However, the other people have to face a lot of trouble. The non-smokers can also fall prey to the respiratory diseases and a number of other ailments related to smoking, such as cancer.

Smoking does not only affect the health, but also proves to be harmful for one’s financial status. This useless but addictive habit causes habitual chain smokers to spend a large portion of their income on cigarettes.

Moreover, the entire society is also being affected. This habit is making the youngsters of the society go astray. A person who gets addicted to smoking gets used to feeling more and more peaceful and relaxed by taking help from smoking. As a result, he loses his focus from the other aspects of his life.

The habit of smoking can also lead to other crimes. People who cannot afford to buy cigarettes or tobacco often steal in order to give in to their addiction.

Smoking cigarettes also opens the doors for falling prey to other types of addictions, such as alcohol as well as narcotics. Therefore, the government of every country should impose a ban on smoking not just in public places, but also in isolation. Every person who smokes should be charged as a criminal.


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