Shisha Smoking Effects


Shisha smoking is getting very common among the young generation of our society. The trend of cigarette is followed by the trend of Shisha smoking. According to the report of world health organization (W H O), there are approximately 20 – 25 million people those are addicted to different forms of additions like drugs and smoking. Out of those 25 million people, 36% are boys and 9 % are girls. The report mentioned that tobacco causes different diseases in almost 60, 000 people and most of them died because of worse effect of tobacco. Shisha smoking is very injurious to the health and Shisha smoking of one hour is equivalent to the 60 cigarettes because it has carbon monoxide.

Smoking or use of tobacco is a very old form of addiction), almost 3000 years old.
Tobacco, tar and nicotine are used to make cigarette while in Shisha, different sweet flavors are added for taste development. Shisha is getting very common in recent year in not only Pakistan but also in India, Bangladesh and china also.
According to the law, it is illegal to sale cigarette to a boy / girl of the age less than 9 years but this law is not implementing by the authorities. There is great number of young boys and girls those are addicted to the cigarette but in recent years the shisha smoking is very common among youngsters. It became the fashion for the young generation and separate Shisha lounge are located in hotels and restaurants.

Side Effects of Shisha smoking:

  • Heart diseases
  • Respiratory problems
  • Lungs cancer
  • Asthma
  • Cancer of veins
  • Pneumonia
  • Premature delivery of baby and the respiratory diseases in the newborn baby

Shisha smoking causes all above diseases and as safety measures our government and world health organization banned all the products that contain tobacco and instructed that all Shisha cafés and hotels that are offering Shisha should discontinue their offers. All the laws made for smoking, also implemented in the case of Shisha smoking. Universities and colleges should arrange awareness programs against Shisha smoking. Parents should also guide their children about the disadvantages of Shisha smoking. Recently city district government of Lahore under the section 144 banned Shisha smoking in cafes, hotels etc. Instead of all these measures and instruction, everyday new Shisha cafes and clubs are opening in our country; government should take serious steps and create awareness about the disadvantages of Shisha.


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