Seven Continents of the World and their Countries in Urdu


A continent is a large body of land, above water, that has a natural geological border. All continents together constitute less than one-third of the earth’s surface, that means more than two third of the earth’s surface are covered with water. Two-thirds of the continental land mass is located in the Northern Hemisphere. There are seven continents in the world and we are going to introduce each of them briefly.

1. Asia:

Worlds largest and the most populated continent of the world is Asia that has population of 60% and 8.6% of the area of the world. According to some experts both continents Asia and Europe are same continents but it’s not a big issue. World’s highest mountain “Mount Everest” is located in Asia and the northern part of the continent consists on the mountains. There are many famous livers are found in Asia like Indus river, Ganga etc. Asia is an agricultural continent where most of the people are linked to the occupation of agriculture.

2. Africa:

Africa is the second largest continent, which has Mediterranean Sea in the north, Indian Ocean in the east and in the west there is Atlantic Ocean. Africa consists of 53 countries of the world but it is an under developed continent because most of its countries got independence in 1980’s and till now they are facing problems that a new country has to face i.e. lack of resources. Some countries of Africa are popular for their specialties like Kenya is famous for the production of tea leaves.

3. North America:

Ranking wise it is the third largest continent that has world’s largest island known as Greenland. It is famous in whole of the world for the rare species of animals that are found in North America. It’s estimation that more than 17000 species of birds are found there. America and Mexico are the most populous countries of the continent and huge reserves of iron, copper and nickel are found there.

4. Australia:

Australia is the smallest continent of the world but one of the populous continents as well. Its total population is 31, 260, 000, which is the lowest number than all other continents. The climate of the Australia remains in a favorable range all the year with small variations. It is also very famous for its unique animal species and among all those animals Kangaroo is very popular. Except these animals, rare species of birds are also found in Australia.

5.South America:

As bring the fourth largest continent of the world, it also has world’s second largest mountain, longest river “Amazon” and it is rich in the metals like gold, silver, zinc and iron. Countries that are part of South America are 12 in number and some of them are listed below.

  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  • Argentina
  • Peru

6. Antarctica:

With 14.425 square kilometer, Antarctica comes at third number in the ranking of worlds continents. Its highest mountain is Winston Massif that has height of 4892 km. most populated countries are Norway and Australia.

7. Europe:

Europe has Mediterranean Sea on its west while Atlantic Ocean on the south. Except Australia, it is smallest continent of the world. 50 countries are part of this continent, in which Germany, Italy, Russia, Rumania etc are included.


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