Sehri Ka Waqt Kab Hota Hai


“Suhoor” is an Arabic word that is also called “Sehri” and literally, it means the meal that you have in the dawn time or early in the morning. Muslims wake up early in the morning and have sehri for Fasting. There is some confliction of right time of sehri among different religious sectors. We are providing you the valuable details of exact time of sehri. Fasting is a part of Islamic religion and Muslim keep fast for the sake of Allah’s blessings. Sehri time is changed during the whole month of Ramadan and people keep fasts according to their musatahab time. Sehri is the beginning of Fast, which keeps the Muslims away from eating until the sunset and then Muslims takes another meal, which is called Iftar. One should not stop himself from eating until he hears the last call for Nemaz. There are three things that Allah love the most:

  1. To be hurry in Iftar
  2. To be delayed in Sehri
  3. To put hands during saying the prayer

The whole month of Ramadan is fixed for the Muslims to keep fasting and say thanks to Allah for his all blessings. All Muslims love to obey Allah and his order in the holy month of Ramadan. Zakat is paid in the month of Ramadan and Muslims celebrate the Eid festival after the month of Ramadan. Hope you will like this Urdu article on Sehri.


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