Second Martial Law In Pakistan


In the event of Round Table Conference, those politicians who did not attend the meeting, point out the people that Government leaders has Machinate with the others and they come up without any final decision or any public good. But as conference had ended on 13 March 1969 then all the fears of people come true that there were no demand approval for people. And that’s why people started again the strikes and rallies. By all of this, country’s economy fall and a big loss occurred in industrial area. Some politicians comes with the strange strategy of partition in which break one unit formula, the East and West Pakistan partition, Defense and power demand matters had included in it. Asghar Khan writes in his book ‘’we have learnt nothing from History’’ that in these days General Yahya Khan said to President at the end of a meeting, If you used army then as a commander In chief and Martial Law administrator he should give him a full control on overall machinery. General Ayub understands the conditions. That’s why President Ayub resigned from his post on 25 March 1969 and second Martial law imposed in the country from General Yahya Khan.

Life of Yahya Khan:

Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan was born on 1917. He passed the graduation from Punjab University Lahore and gets commissioned in the army on 1938. He became a brigadier at the age of 34, Major General at the age of 40, and became lieutenant at the age of 49. Many awards and honors attached with him that he get in his army’s life. At the time of independence he was the first Muslim instructor in Staff College Quetta. On this behalf he would get the right of running the College matters. He was also get crescent Courage on 1965 war. He was the second martial law administrator in 25th March 1969. In his reign generally elections had been held in which Awami League successfully wins in East Pakistan and Peoples party win in West Pakistan. On November 1971 India attacked on West and East Pakistan and he did not handle the matters. By this result India get controlled on East Pakistan on 16 December 1971. Against Indian occupation people started demonstration in opposition to him and asked to resign from his post. So he resigned from president’s seat on 20 December and by the demand of people Government arrested him on 1972. He released on September 1977 and died on 1980.

Reforms and Incidents:

On 4 April, implementation of the cancelled constitution on temporary based.
Government issued the Entertainment Allowance on 10th April 1969.
21 April 1969, Executive Council establishes a committee for prevention of corruption.
The education policy announced from the help of Retired Air Martial Noor Khan on 3rd July 1969.
President Yahya announced the Labor Policy on 5th July 1969.
National Progressive League established on 20th July 1969 named as Convention Muslim League.
On 22nd January Pak Russia agreement signed for Steel Mills construction.
When election had been held on 1971 then situation demanded that Power should be distributed in elected people. But Government did not do this and Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman had insisted on his six point agenda. That’s why Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto reached Dhaka for communication. But Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman again uttering his agenda. From 11th March 1971 to 23rd April 1971 East Pakistan’s situation had gone to be bad.

1971 War.

On 22nd November 1971, India’s infantry and armored forces attacked on East Pakistan. Pakistan Air defense army destroyed the Indian jets. China also threatened India to stop the war in Pakistan on United Nation orders. India stopped the war. In this war Air Martiasl Raheem and commodore Inaam get crescent courage.


16 December 1971 was the bad day in Pakistan’s History in which the fall of Dhaka had been done and we had lost our half country. On 20th December 1971 president Yahya resigned from president’s seat and Zilfiqar Ali Bhutto was the new president and chief Martial of the Pakistan. In that way Pakistan’s second Martial law period had been end that was the bad period in Pakistan’s History.


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