Rules of Fasting in Islam – Rozay Ki Qaza


“O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard against evil.” (The Holy Quran)
Ramadan is a blessing of Allah that is very special for whole Muslim Community and all Muslims keep fasting during this holy month. Fast is not about refraining oneself from drinking and eating, fast is observed to develop strength, to feel the pain of the hunger that poor people have to bear and to promote the self control. Fasting creates spirit to face worse patches of life with patience and endurance but we have to take care of some factors during fast that can nullify or break our fast.
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Following is the guideline about the fasting that should be followed.

  • If a person failed to get up early on “Sehri” time or gets up late after the Fajar Prayer then he has to observe fast on some other day to compensate the missed fast.
  • If anyone eats or drinks something forgetfully, it will not break his fast because he/she has not done it intentionally but if anyone eats or drinks deliberately then he has to observe the fast again.
  • Smoking and intentionally inhaling the smoke will break your fast.
  • The tear or the sweat is swallowed by you and its taste is felt by you, the fast is broken.
  • Except from eating or drinking, anything that has the similar effect of eating or drinking as long as it has some nutrition will affect your fast.
  • If your saliva gets mixed in the blood, it will break the fast.
  • One should avoid the fragrance and smoke of incense sticks during fast otherwise the fast will be nullified.
  • Swallowing of water during “Wuzu” even you have not swallowed with intention.
  • Use of medicinal drops of ears and nostrils.
  • If you massage your hair with oil, it will not break the fast but pouring oil into ears will break it.
  • Vomit will not break your fast until you intestinally induce yourself to vomit.
  • Any food particle of pea size even if swallowed by you will not affect the fast but if you feel the taste of that particle then your fast will be broken.
  • To taste something but not to eat it is allowed during fast like if you are buying something and it is necessary to taste it.


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