Roti Nutrition Facts and Information


Roti nutrition Facts and Information Roti is a main part in Asian cuisines along with different types of gravies and curries. A normal roti contains 80-110 calories. 

Facts and Info
Roti is rich in fibre, calcium,  protein and iron. Best thing about roti is that it has no transfats or cholesterol which makes it ideal for daily menu. Health conscious people can add roti in their diet chart according to their nutritional needs. People on diet needs to focus on amount of roti serving for best results. A normal healthy person, following diet regimen is allowed to take two cd size rotis per serving. As roti is rich in fibre, it is ideal for weight management and stomach health. Roti can provide a considerable amount of fibre for daily need. However, one must add vegetables in diet for fibre intake. 

Different types of rotis and their nutritional values

Whole wheat roti and nutrition Commonly consumed in households, whole wheat roti is a “must” diet in many Asian countries. Roti is served with gravy or curry for added taste. 100 grams serving of whole wheat roti can provide upto 350 calories. This roti is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins and minerals Grains are grinned to make “ata” aka flour. This flour is than mixed with water and kneeded well to make perfect dough for roti. Small size ball are made and than flattened with help of rolling pin to achieve perfect circular shape of roti.  On a lighter note:Although on our part, we are feminist. But unfortunately “Gol roti” is still considered an achievement for bahu betis in Asian countries.

Bajra roti and nutrition Bajra also known as millet is an important crop in Asian countries. 100 gram serving of bajra roti provides upto 380 calories. Bajra roti is rich in fibre, protein, dietary minerals and vitamins. Bajra roti is considered best substitute of whole wheat roti for people who are on diet. Whole wheat jawar rotiJawar is a nutritional bomb with lots of fibre. Jawar roti is best for health and weight conscious people. Jawar roti provides only 50 calories which is 2% of daily calorie need. 

Makki Ki Roti Makki di roti with sasru ka saag has its own swag among different cultural cuisines. In Punjabi culture, they consider it an honor to serve their guests with this delicious and nutritious combo.Makki di roti can provide best substitute for whole wheat roti or paratha if you want breakfast under 300 calories. As makki da atta is gluten free so it is ideal for weight loss also. Moreover,  it is full of protien,  carbohydrates and dietary fibres.To make Makki di roti one really needs a perfection for its mouth watering taste. 

Garlic roti and nutrition:Garlic is added in roti for additional flavor. Trust us this is the most delicious thing you will ever eat. Filled with protein, garlic roti provides only 100 calories. Try adding olive oil for healthy effect. Garlic adds a certain flavor and spice to roti.No doubt it is a healthy combo. Both garlic and fibre in roti are good for heart health. 

Pepper roti and nutrition A blessing for spice lovers, pepper roti is a  true addition to spicy cusines. Pepper roti is made with two rotis and pepper filling in between them. Pepper roti provides less than 100 calories.Although it is a most delicious thing that any spice lover can imagine but one must be careful. Adding too much spice can cause stomach burning feeling and acidity.

Chicken Roti and Nutrition
Chicken is filled between two rotis to make chicken roti. It makes roti a full serving without any need of curry.  One can enjoy chicken roti with raita and salad. One chicken roti can offer upto 500 calories. Since both chicken and oil used have fats so there can be 25% cholesterol and 15% sodium in it. Chicken roti has potassium , protiens and carbohydrates as well. 


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