Ringworm: Causes, Symptoms and Safety Measures


Ringworm is caused by the microscopic organisms called dermatophytes that reside on the surface of the skin. It is a fungal infection that can affect anyone at anytime. People who live in humid climate are more likely to be affected by this disease. Even people with weak immune systems can also be easily attacked by dermatophytes. The name ‘Ringworm’ sometimes misleads the people about this disease. Most of the people believe that it is an infection caused by ring shaped worm but this is not true. Ringworm infection is actually caused by the fungus not a worm.

Causes of Ringworm

Dermatophytes are the types of fungi that cause ringworm. There are three different types of dermatophytes, one that lives on human skin, second live in the animal hairs and a third live in the soil. All these three types of dermatophytes are capable of causing ringworm. Like other microscopic organisms’ dermatophytes can also spread quickly they can spread person to person, animal to person and soil to person but it is very difficult to identify sources of fungus on the person’s skin. Ringworm infection can also spread if you touch a dog or cat that already have a ringworm infection. Dermatophytes seek humid and moist conditions for growth and are commonly found during rainy seasons.

Symptoms of Ringworm

Ringworm is capable of affecting all parts of the body but one specific type of fungus causes infection on the thighs. This type of ringworm is called Tinea Cruis. It causes severe itching and redness on thighs. Another type of fungus attacks head which cause hair fall. If treatment is not carried out on time it can make patient bald.

There is a specific type of fungus on normal parts of the body which can be easily identified by its shape. This infection causes the circular patches on the skin while the radius of these circles is pretty clear and boundary is red. This is why it is named ringworm. After making a single ring on any part of the body, it quickly multiplies and spreads on the whole body which cause itching and fever.

Safety Measures

Ringworm can be easily avoided by wearing neat and clean dress. As mentioned above that fungus grows on moist surfaces so it is important to take special care of cleanliness of the body. Tine unguium fungus can destroy your nails so it is important to cut and keep your nails clean. If you feel itching on your thighs then wear loose trousers and avoid wearing tight pants like jeans.


If you feel continuous itching then it is strongly recommended to consult the doctor to check if it is ringworm. Tablets like Rigix and Terbin help to cure the ringworm. Kenacomb Ointment is also useful; apply it twice a day on affected part.


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