The Rights Of Women In Islam


Exploitation of women rights is increasing day by day but at the international level, media is only blaming Islamic society for the suppression of the women rights. They never point out towards western society and they are just busy in damaging the image of Islam. In fact, Islam is the only religion which had defined the rights of women 1400 years ago. The reason behind writing this article is to guide those people who are getting the wrong perception about rights of women in Islam.

It is totally wrong that western culture favors the rights of women. Actually, they are spoiling the actual image of a woman. In Islam, there is no difference between the rights of men and women. As it is said in Holy Quran, that women and men have got equal rights. Men got preference only because they have to give protection and respect to women.

But the women of this era made this a problematic point. It is sufficient to read the translation of Holy Quran to clear all the misconceptions about this war of rights. According to the western society, Islam is a conservative religion but it is not a truth.

Western society has derided the femininity of women who are also following the wrong ways. The so-called modern woman has lost herself in the modernism of the west. All these things lead them towards prostitution.

But we are Muslims and we should ponder that these things are against the teachings of our religion. If we take an unbiased look on the teachings of Islam, we will come to know that Islam is giving the proper protection to the rights of a woman. It is Islam which has defined the rights like:

Religious and spiritual rights of women in Islam:

Islam considers a woman and a man equally on religious and spiritual basis. They will get equal reward for their good deeds and punishment for the wrong doings. There is no difference between a man and a woman on the basis of wealth or beauty. It is also said that everyone will get a partner according to his/her nature i.e. noble persons will get noble wives and sinful individuals will marry with bad persons. So it is not right to say that Islam is a conservative religion without having knowledge of its teachings.


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