Remedies for Food Poisoning in Urdu


Food poisoning is a hazardous disease of digestive system which is often caused by eating stale food and disorders other functions of the body as well . Six out of ten people die each year because of food poisoning. Some effective ways to prevent food poisoning are given below:

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Remedies for Food Poisioning

  • Always wash your hands with an antibacterial soap before eating something because food poisoning is mostly caused by germs.
  • Especially wash your hands after using the wash room. This will not only help you prevent liver disorders but you also remain safe from skin infections.
  • Drink mineral water.
  • If drinking mineral water isn’t possible, boil the water before you drink it because one reason of food poisoning is polluted water.
  • Avoid stale food; always eat fresh and hygienic food because stale and unhygienic food can be a cause of liver disorders.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: always wash the fruit and vegetables before eating because the fruits brought from the market are kept open in polluted areas and they contain a lot of germs.
  • Always use home frozen ice; avoid using ice brought from the market as this ice is not frozen by filtered water.
  • Spicy and unhygienic bites can ruin your stomach! Avoid them!
  • Do not freeze meat for more than two days. The meat frozen for more than two days not only loses its proteins but is also hazardous for health.

Food poisoning and other stomach disorders are caused due to unhygienic food. Before eating something make sure that the food you are going to eat is cooked hygienically and cleanly. Avoid eating from food stands. Cook at home with proper hygiene and cleanliness. The food provided at restaurants, Cafes, snack bars and food stands is often stale and is cooked in slovenly atmosphere. They just make the presentation of the food attractive to attract more and more customers. They have no concern with the health of their customers.
Before cooking at home, wash the eatable until it becomes dirt free. Wash your hands and cook in sterilized utensils. An effective way to test the freshness of the food is to smell the food and check its oiliness. If the eatable is fresh the oil droplets would be visible and it would have pure smell of each of its ingredients. If the food is stale, it might be pre heated in oil but will not have the smell of each of its ingredients.

Food poisoning is hazardous disease that can cause many disorders with your stomach and can ruin your health. To avoid such hazardous diseases you need to follow the prevention steps mentioned in this article especially in the changing weather when viruses are spreading in the environment.


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