Reading Books | Books Are Our Best Friend


Reading different types of books is in fact one of the way to pass leisure time in a blissful blithe way but most of the people do not prefer to go to libraries and involve themselves in reading books.

Common trends in our society:
Let us take the example of a typical student, who always avoids reading books and thought it as a very boring task. Along with the plentiful course material, reading other books is considered as a burden for most of the people and some students study the course content a day before exams. They often allege their failure to the paper checkers who have not given them sufficient grades in examination in spite of their great efforts (in student’s point of view) for studying the books. However, the reality is that they only cram few things, which is insufficient to get good marks in exam paper. Their immaturity never let them understand where they are lacking behind.

Unfortunately, the situation is diverging towards unethical ways. Every student is getting rid of gaining knowledge and follows the amusement activities in movies, songs and playing games all the time. There was a time when you can expect a book in handbags of girls but now they are equipped only with cosmetics and other makeup kits.
There is also a category of the people who are fond of reading books but that books are of no use like story books, fashion magazines, women digest etc. We further talk about this by taking example of the storybook o f “Harry Potter” that’s last part was released last year and that book made a record of good sales. That shows our attitude towards the books; we love to read and purchase the books that are based on fiction rather than the stuff, which can be proved best for our learning and grooming.

What should a good student do?
A good student is the one who thoroughly studies all his course work with interest and tries his best to understand it. Other than that, his aim should be to get more and more knowledge from the books, not for passing the exams. Books can groom us in a very well manner and tell us the reality of the life. Our article will surely broaden your horizon about the importance of reading books and tell you how books can be proved our best friend in our lives.


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