Ramadan Rules and Rights for Women


Islam is the only religion worldwide that is for both genders. Gender discrimination in any form is strictly forbidden by Islam. In Islam Allah Almighty has made clear rules and rights for both males and females. Same is the case on the issue of Ramadan. Women are both physically and emotionally different from men. They have different needs, requirements and their body responds differently in different situations. So instead of same rules separate orders according to their condition should be given. Islam is a universal religion and is for everybody and thus gives immunity to females in some situations during this month.

There are certain things which break the fast.

  • Intercourse
  • Eating and drinking
  • Menstruation

You are immune to fast if you are

  • A mother who has to feed her child from breast
  • A pregnant woman
  • Ill
  • A passenger or traveler
  • Menstruating

Job as a Housewife:

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is especially challenging for women because they have to take care of the whole house along with fast. She needs to clean the house and she also takes care of other members of the family. Along with all this she needs to take care of herself too. She has to perform her 27/7 hour duty as a housewife who is not supposed to complain.

Job as a Cook:

Cooking can be interesting the whole year but the experience of cooking in Ramadan with having a fast is the most difficult one. Imagine yourself cooking a delicious food and you yourself cannot eat it when you are so hungry. Another challenging is to prepare perfect food for the other members of the family even without tasting it. The Ramadan in summer makes it more difficult as the heat from the cooking is making you more and more thirsty.

Breast Feeding:

Even Islam allows woman not to keep the fast while she has to breastfeed but still some women fast while breastfeeding their child. This takes up extra energy from the mother and she feels weak. This is also a challenge for the woman.


Menstruating is that period of time when women are forbidden to fast till they are all pure. If women menstruate in the middle of the day then their fast break till the time when they think they are totally pure again. It is mentioned that till the time when the blood stops following and white fluid start secreting out of the body women are forbidden to fast.

Makeup of missed days in Ramadan:

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is compulsory for all Muslim men and women. Quitting fast without any proper reason is considered as a great sin. If you miss any day without fasting during this month then you must start doing something to make up for this sin otherwise you will not be forgiven by Allah Almighty. There are two ways mentioned in the holy book Quran for the making up of missed fasts.

1) By Fasting:

First way is by fasting latter in other Islamic months. The number of fasts that you missed during Ramadan should be compensated by fasting the same number of days in any other month.

2) By Giving Charity:

The other way is by giving charity or food to poor as mentioned in Quran. In this way you can get forgiveness from God. If you will not make up for your missed fasts then you would face the wrath of God. The women who cannot fast due to menstruation should also make up for the fasts that she could not keep.


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