Skin Care Tips During Fasting in Ramadan


While you are fasting, your body and skin goes through many changes and for this reason you need to take special care of your skin. Skin care in Ramadan is very important to have a fresh look all daylong so that you do not look wearied out to you family and friends. And, for this the first few things to know are skin related problems that may arise during Ramadan. Following are some common problems of the skin.
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Here below are the Skin Care Tips during Fasting in Ramadan in Urdu language.

Dehydration is the most common threat that is associated to the summer season. Due to dehydration, the skin becomes dull and faint. On the top of it, when you are fasting, you cannot take the amount of liquid that you would usually take during the day to keep you hydrated. Your meal times also change during this month, making your skin prone to many diet related hazards, which also affect the quality of your skin.
Following are the some skin care tips for the Holy month of Ramadan.

  • Diet is very important because it has direct effect on the skin. Avoid eating oily and spicy food items because these can turn your skin oily and result in the outgrowth of pimples, acne and skin rashes.
  • Eat a good amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in sehri and iftaar to provide essential nutrients to the skin.
  • Protect yourself and your skin from the harmful effects of the dehydration; drink a lot of liquids between iftaar and sehri.
  • If your skin is dry then you should do cleansing and toning regularly.
  • Women with oily skin should not use oily creams and lotions in Ramadan.
  • It is good to wash your face with plain water frequently. Along with the moisturization of face it also removes the extra oil and dust from the skin.
  • Spray rose water 3-4 times a day on sensitive parts of your skin during Ramadan to keep your skin cells fresh.
  • Avoid cosmetics as much as you can.

If you have to go to work or you have to wear makeup on daily basis for some reason, then you must try these tips.

  • Foundation looks good and hides the spots on your skin but, apply a thin layer of foundation.
  • Use blush-on of mat light colors like peach, pink and brown.
  • Using eye shadow during the day is not necessary but if you really have to use it then use light colors.
  • You can also wear kajal or eye liner to make your eyes to look gorgeous.
  • Try not to use any kind of lip wear during the month of Ramadan.


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