Qualities That A Wife Must Have


Marriage is a life time contract between two entities and needs wise things to do for its happy completion. It is quite a critical situation to decide which one could fulfill the requires of an ideal life partner. Boys, throughout the entire globe are a sort of creature who possess whatever character type or personality outlook, long for an error free fairy like girl. The blame could not be given to the boys, but the psyche of the whole society is set on it. For the completion of marriage, it is obligatory to girls that they should meet the graph of quality both in beauty and character. However, the topic which is going to be discussed is Which girl could be an ideal wife? In the following are brought to light few standards for Which girl could be an ideal wife from society’s point of view. So let’s go through the characteristics of an ideal wife.

  1. She must be pretty
  2. Must be educated one
  3. Possess purity in character
  4. I like her to be patient
  5. Respectful
  6. Religious
  7. Must own an ideal figure
  8. Does she know fashion?
  9. Is she active?
  10. Should possess romantic nature
  11. Must be a good chef
  12. Must be humble
Qualities that a Wife Must Have
Qualities that a Wife Must Have

Now we will bring to light all the above mentioned characteristics of an ideal wife in detail in sequence:

She Must Be Pretty

Majority of our boys when deciding a life partner, assert on thing that she must be pretty enough. Mostly the Mothers dream of a pretty daughter in law so that her next generation must break the record of beauty.

Must be Educated One

It is conditioned for the lady that she must be educated one so that she must bring up her kids in best manners. It is well versed; “provide me an educated mother i will provide you an educated nation”. A boy also wishes to have an educated wife so that she may move anywhere confidently with him.

Possess Purity in Character

Every boy wishes to have a wife that is pure in character and he must be the very first man in her life no matter whatever he himself had been in the past. Girls’ purity is must as she have to make house the home.

I Like Her to Be Patient?

Whenever somebody ask a boy his requirements for an ideal wife he definitely states one thing that; I like her to be patient. He wants to have this characteristics in his wife so that she may meet every sort of circumstances with patience and open heart.


A boy longs for a wife that is respectful to others and own polite Nature. It is so because if she is good, he’s definitely going to win praise as; “his wife is good or he has made the right choice”.


Muslim boys give first priority to marry a girl who is religious minded and have know how about Islam. It is because the entire character building of the upcoming generation depends on mother.

Must Own an Ideal Figure

Boys like to have a girl as wife which owns an ideal figure so that they must have no need to look outside their home to any one else.

Does She Know Fashion?

When discussing about any proposal to marry some girl boys normally as a question like ; “Does she know fashion?” as they wish to move with her anywhere in society with confidence.

Is She Active?

Guys definitely want their life partner to be active one so that she may properly handle things in time.

Should Possess Romantic Nature

Boys narrate another quality that she must possess romantic nature to become an ideal wife. They demand of this thing so that they may get fully involved just in their own wife.

Must be a Good Chef

Boys like their wife Must be a good chef as well so that they may relish delicious foods life long. This quality is also necessary for her as it is said that if a wife wants her husband love more, she must cook delicious.

Must be Humble

A girl is ideal to be a wife if she possess humble Nature having no proud in her.

Boys need this type of girl to be their wife as a proud lady can never be good wife or good mother.


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