Population Explosion In Pakistan


According to experts, the increased ratio of population is worst for economical growth of a country. It is the major indicator for the success or failure of a country. The increase in population causes the establishment of new economic markets but on the other hand, it also calls for the economic difficulties, starving and poorness in the country. So advanced countries are also seemed to be suffering from such a problem. The scientific development has caused the production of innovative scientific gadgets due to which there is a reasonable downfall in the death rates of children. 2.7% yearly increase in the population of Pakistan has been recorded that is a big ratio in this region. The affects of population explosion in Pakistan can be revealed from the devastation of moral values and bad economic conditions. India that owns 26 states also suffering from severe increase in the population. Many efforts are being made for controlling this rapid increase.

The problems caused by population explosion:
Following are the main problems that are caused by increase in population of Pakistan.

Dependence of countries:
Making strong relations with other countries is a most important for developing countries. You can have an idea that America is not ready to leave Pakistan although there are severe problems in the country. America is afraid of the China and on the other hand, it is considering the worst economic inflation of this century. But due to the fear of population explosion, the countries have to make relations with each other for their survival.

The principle for population:
In a population ratio, the people between the ages of 0 to 10 years are considered unproductive. On the other hand, the people with more than 65 years of age cannot contribute to the economy of a country. And Green House Effect and Ozone Layer have also contributed as the big threats for the existence of human being. When such a big portion of population will be considered useless, then the outcome of the remaining people will definitely be insufficient.

The Trend of Population in Rich and Poor Countries:
The advanced countries have controlled their population growth rate to a reasonable level. But developing countries are still suffering from this problem due to the lack of education and knowledge. This kind of discussion is considered as a part of the religious affairs. In India, there was a big impact on the ratio between males and females after the practice of killing the female faints. The ratio of males was much greater than the females. Now, there is a proper law for the rights of women and the Mahila Mangal Party is one of the reflections of such efforts. According to the survey in Pakistan, the Muslims relate this issue of controlling the population to the religious beliefs. But there are also few people who consider this fact of controlling the population in the best interests of the country.

Dangerous Effects of Population Explosion:
When we analyze the effects of population explosion, the first one is the loss of moral values. Every person is anxious of fulfilling the basic needs of his/her family. He often finds any time to seek comfort. The young community, after getting education, does not find proper jobs. Some of the rich individuals try to make their way to foreign countries and other tries to do the same illegally. The rest of the people earn their living through robbery, corruption and deceiving other people. Hence, many social evils are the result of population explosion.

To control the growing population rate, there is a need to develop a positive attitude of people. Sociologists suggest that there should be the establishment of local parks to promote the sports activities. It will restrict people to give rise to population. Many countries have formulated strong policies for controlling the population growth rate. And Pakistan should also consider this fact and have to take essential measures to control the population.


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