What are Piles (Hemorrhoids)? Causes and Symptoms of Piles

Piles? What is this disease? This question often strikes our mind when we hear it from somebody. This thing makes us confused about the originality of the disease and the factors involved in its progression. In this following piece of writing, I have tried to cover up all the confusions and questions about what in actual this disease is and also tried to touch the things or causal factors of piles along with the symptoms it shows. So, I hope by reading this simple piece of writing you would be in a better position to get an idea of what are piles, causes of piles and its symptoms. So it’s time to stream through a knowledge or awareness of it. so, here we go:

What are Piles, Causes, and Symptoms of Piles

There are some urydyn in the rectum which possess blood storage. When the blood pressure in these urydyn increase, they came out while stool. Some of these urydyn remain inside and spit out blood. The damaged urydyn outside also go on bleeding. This all process is called as piles.

Types of Piles:

Piles are normally of three types:

  • Internal Piles
  • Central Piles
  • External Piles

What is Internal Piles (Hemorrhoids)?

When the patient suffers from bleeding while stool then it means he is suffering from Internal Piles. In other words, the exact definition of internal Piles is that “The urydyn bleed but no itching in the rectum occurs”.

What are central Piles (Hemorrhoids)?

While suffering from this type of Piles the patient encounters bleeding along with severe itching and pain. This type of piles results in weakness along with severe pain.

What are External Piles (Hemorrhoids)?

External Piles is also very teasing and problematic. This type of Piles shows signs as severe pain and itching but no bleeding.

Symptoms of Piles (Hemorrhoids)

Now we move towards the things that signify or show Hemorrhoids or in simple words the signs and symptoms of piles/hemorrhoids.

  1. The symptoms of Piles / Hemorrhoids include a severe pain while stool.
  2. Hemorrhoids symptoms also include bleeding while bowling movement.
  3. It may also both itching in the rectum region and bleeding.
  4. The primary sign of hemorrhoids may be chronic constipation which finally leads to this ailment.
  5. Another symptom of hemorrhoids may be fatigue and leg pain while stool.
  6. A sudden feeling of weakness may also include to piles or hemorrhoids.

By the study of the current article about piles, you would be better able to know what is piles and its different types, what cause it, how it can be diagnosed and what are the symptoms of piles or hemorrhoids.


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