There are different styles of makeup for different events according to the skin complexion and timing of the day. By beautiful makeup you can make yourself to look attractive and gorgeous.

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Makeup Tips in Urdu

Makeup Tips for EveningPakistani Makeup Tips in Urdu
Bridal Makeup

  • First of all wash your face and remove extra oil from your face. Apply concealer to make your skin tone even.
  • Apply foundation and blend it very carefully, then apply face powder and remove extra powder with brush.
  • Then comes eyes, apply golden eye shade on the whole eye lid as a base color and then apply maroon or pink or dark purple or any other color according to dress color on the outer corner of the eye.
  • Apply eye liner according to eye shape and at the end apply two coats of mascara.
  • Light color of lipstick is in fashion so apply light color lipstick on lips and blush on at the end.

Morning Make-up

  • Morning make-up should be of light colors. And following are tips for morning make-up.
  • First of all apply cleansing milk on the whole face and remove it with cotton.
  • After cleansing milk, apply toner and moisturising cream.
  • Apply powder of light pink shade which is known as baker and apply blush on with the help of brush.
  • Apply natural colour of eye shade and a thin line of water proof eye liner.
  • Apply mascara to make your eye lashes to look thick.
  • At the end apply lipstick or gloss of light but bright colour on lips.

Evening Make-up

  • Evening make is somewhat same as morning make-up with some variations. Apply foundation after moisturizer and then face powder. The lipstick colour should be dark and light color eyeshade can be used.

Other makeup tips

  • You should do you make-up according to the timing of the event. Morning makeup should be of light colors and can be done in 2 to 10 minutes.
  • You should apply concealer around the eyes. If concealer is not available then you can use foundation of light colour.
  • Foundation is of two types; water foundation and other one is for dry skin known as oily base. If your skin is oily then apply water base and powder on the face.
  • You can also apply petroleum jelly on your eye lid at day time, it gives a fresh look.
  • With the help of foundation you can contour your nose as well.
  • Don’t use blush on of dark colour on day time because it looks odd. Light colours like pink and brown look beautiful. And apply blush on with the help of brush only.
  • During make up you can use atomizer after face powder. Its bottle is like perfume spray bottle. It makes your make-up long lasting.
  • Eye-shades of peach and pink colors look very beautiful.



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