Pakistani Culture: Shades of Powerful Pakistani Culture


When it comes to the term culture we know that different values, norms, traditions and living style make up a culture of that specific place. A culture tells a lot, in fact almost everything about living habits of people owning that culture. Specifically talking about Pakistani culture, it is one of the richest and vibrant cultures in the world.

Indo-Pak also was known as a sub-continent shared almost same traditions and norms for centuries so obviously it has a mark on Pakistani culture, but as a whole Pakistani culture has its own strong shades and colors.

Shades of Pakistani Culture:

Pakistan, also known as a “land of pure” has a wonderful and amazing cultural mix-up. Here are few shades of Pakistani culture:

1. Languages:

Pakistan is a country where language changes every ten miles. Yes, we mean every ten miles.

Five provinces and almost 200 languages.


Imagine the diversity, the vibrancy, and the amazing blend of cultures mixing and separating after every ten miles.

Pakistani Culture Is Really Worth Observing.

Pakistan has Urdu as a national language, English as a government language, Arabic as a religious language and different major languages for different provinces like Pashto, Sindhi, Saraiki, Punjabi, Kashmiri etc…

But regardless of different languages, it is a relationship from the heart that connects every Pakistani with other. We all share the same brotherhood and love for each other. Pakistan as a whole is a united nation and this is a major positivity in our culture.

2. Climate:

Like languages, Pakistan is blessed in weathers also as we have all four seasons. And every season has its own specific traditions also like spring comes with Basant Mela and winters with polo in Gilgit.

Different weathers also contribute in the production of different crops. Due to ideal weather conditions wheat, rice and cotton are premier crops grown in Pakistan. These crops are also the premier agricultural exports of the country. Wheat and rice are main components in the daily diet.

3. Tourism:

Pakistan is no doubt heaven for tourists. Its culture and places have much more than our imagination to entertain the tourists.

From Lahore to Karachi, Punjab to Sindh, Mohenjo Daro to Kashmir, desserts to hilly areas Pakistan is heaven for tourists. Swat, a northern area is so beautiful that it is called Switzerland of Pakistan.

From sea to desserts and snow to forests, everything is worth watching. Pakistan is so beautiful and diverse land that it is irresistible to neglect its beauty, once you have seen it.

4. Art:

Pakistan is a land of art also. A different form of arts is flourishing on their full and enjoying the praise internationally.

The fashion industry is rising high. Pakistani dramas are worldwide famous, our truck art is getting acknowledged in many countries and our music is one of fine and melodious music in the world. Pakistani designers are famous and we have known and famous people in the world from all the sectors of art.

5. Weddings:

Pakistani weddings contribute in the beauty of Pakistani culture as they are one the most enjoyable, fun and cherished ceremonies of the country. Pakistani weddings are getting famous globally because of their unique traditions and colorful ceremonies. From jewelry to dress of bride and groom and from sangeet to walima, every single ceremony is worth watching and celebrating.

6. Cuisines:

Pakistani cuisines are one of the yummiest food in the world. A major city Lahore is famous globally for its food. Tourists can’t resist the food whether it is Sajji from Quetta or Chapel kabab from Peshawar, trout from swat or sag from Punjab, biryani from Karachi or Haleem and Siri payee from Lahore. The food is love and temptation for foodies from all over the world.

Some Interesting Facts About Pakistan and Pakistani Culture:

Despite the fact that Pakistan is facing and fighting terrorism with success, there are few facts about Pakistan that you will find amazing.

  1. Pakistan is only nuclear power in Muslim world
  2. We have one of the best intelligence, army and national anthem in the world.
  3. We have second largest salt mine in the world.
  4. Pakistan has the world largest sea port.
  5. We have number one volunteer organization that has the largest network of ambulances in the world.
  6. Pakistan has largest irrigation system
  7. Pakistanis are considered as one of the most intelligent nations in the world.
  8. It has Nobel Prize winners.
  9. Pakistan share border with four countries and three of them don’t have good democratic relationships with Pakistan
  10. We have the‘only’ fertile dessert in the world
  11. Pakistan had three wars with the neighbor country and both countries claim the victory.
  12. It is the first country in the world that was made on religious ideology.
  13. An average Pakistani child knows four languages, i.e. Urdu, English, Arabic and mother tongue of that specific area.

Pakistani culture is no doubt one of the best cultures in the world.


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