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On 26th November 1964, Pakistan Television aired its first show from the Lahore Station. Pakistan imported experimental Japanese technological equipment for initiating this. The first two stations that were opened were in Lahore and Dhaka, the former on 26th November 1964 and the latter on 25th December 1964. The shows were mostly concentrated around news programs and information and were aired only for three hours daily. On Saturdays they were off hence no broadcasting was done. It was late on from Karachi station that dramas and soap operas started thanks to Shafi Muhammad and Qaiser Nazamani.

In the early years, Pakistan television depended upon some international movies such as the ‘Three Angel’, ‘Tom and Jerry’ and so on for entertainment purposes. Later on, the stations started producing their own films which mostly concentrated on buildings, jungles, hunting etc. Abdullah Baig was one of the well renowned producers of that time. Then Shireen Pasha, Nazimuddin, and Zaheer Bhatti came who contributed to the growing industry.

In the beginning, after a live transmission a film used to be aired while the set for the next transmission used to be set. It was later on that PTV produced its first drama ever by the name of ‘Nazarana’ in which Qavi Khan, Kanwal and Munawar Taufeeq starred. It was directed by Fazal Kamal and written by Najma Farooqi.

In 1972, a building was constructed for PTV exclusively which was inaugurated by the president of the time himself, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Tariq Aziz made the first announcement on it. Several other well renowned personalities surfaced with this growing popularity Nisar Hussain, Aslam Azhar, Jamil Afridi, Shahanshah Nawab and so on. The first colored transmission to be aired by Pakistan television was in 1982 in a drama in which Khalida Riyasat and Asif Raza gave a stunning performance. After the formation of Bangladesh (former East Pakistan), Pakistan was left with only five stations in Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Through these stations, different talk shows, sports programs, children programs, entertainment programs and informational programs were aired. PTV slowly and gradually started gaining popularity with its constant improvement in performance that soon it was being aired in 32 other countries through the help of satellites.

In 2007, PTV ONE was named PTV HOME and PTV WORLD was named PTV NEWS. STN channel was sold to a private company which was later aired as ATV. Several other regional channels showcasing Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa culture were initiated as well. For international movies and shows, PTV Global has been initiated as well. Apart form this, PYV NEWS and PTV HOME are 24/7 entertaining its viewers and providing them with information.

Currently, famous personalities that make appearance on Pakistan Television include Amjad Islam Amjad, Rauf Khalid, Iqbal Hassan Khan, and Fatima Surraiya and so on.


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