Pakistan Army


If we look at the history of Pakistan, it is vividly evident that Pakistani army has always had a strong hold on all the political and religious parties of the country. Out of 65 years of independence, army dictators have ruled Pakistan for about 32 years. Other countries like America, UK and other imperialists also supported dictatorship to protect their interests. It is believed that the army of a country should be strong enough to protect its national interests but in Pakistan, army not only became the defender of identity and sovereignty of the country but also felt itself responsible for running the governmental matters.

The role of army is to defend the country and not to rule it. The democratic governments of Pakistan always failed to deliver and because of that, the army felt the time of the need and took bold steps to increase its presence in the state affairs. Another fact is that the leading democratic parties are a group of culprits and corrupt people, who always paved the path for the military to interfere in parliamentary affairs. Due to the inefficiency of the political leaders and overwhelming corruption on all levels, Pakistan once ranked among the most corrupt countries of the world.

First martial law was imposed by the Gen. Ayub Khan in 1958, after that a series of martial laws started. In 1969, Gen. Yahya Khan imposed second martial law and as a result, Pakistan has to face a severe loss of East Pakistan in 1971, which eventually became Bangladesh. Third martial law was imposed by Zia ul Haq who took over the charge of the country in 1977. The worst patch of military government was of Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf. He has made many changes in the military act for his personal interest in 2007. Various incidents like Lal Mosque Operation, Bugti murder and inter-provincial were all offshoots of his policies, which put hatred in the people for each other and had a very negative impact on the international integrity of Pakistan.

Along with the negative aspects of military role in Pakistan, there have been a lot of positive impacts of army interference in Pakistan as well. Our army is the 7th largest in the world in terms of active troops. Pakistani army has always proved that they are one of the best organized group that helps and even take the responsibility of protecting the civilians. Army played an admirable role across the country by helping people during earthquake and flood. Military plays an extra ordinary role in the disaster relief campaigns and programs and manages one of the most advanced and reliable disaster management and control infrastructures. It was the armed forces of Pakistan that protected sovereignty of the country during the wars of 1965, 1971 and the crises of 1984, 1999 and the war on terror that started in the later years. Our army has taken many appreciable steps like the issue of Baluchistan militancy, northern areas and FATA. Military has always tried to produce a viable solution without getting into any strife and bringing all segments of the country together and for this reason, it is one of the most prestigious parts of Pakistan.


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