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Heart Disease from Smoking-

All my readers who are into smoking need to read this article and I want their attention focused right here to what I am going to say. Smoking is normally a difficult thing to leave. When you start smoking you get attracted to it and want to have it more because it contains chemicals in it that...

Tips for Making Progress in Your Career

Job success is a very sensitive issue for many people, for which they keep on enjoying the continuous change in job while some are fond of changing their jobs after a year or two. The reason for this change is the fact that they are not compatible with their jobs. However, quitting is not the proper way...

Signs Your Husband Can’t Live Without You

Signs Your Husband Can’t Live Without You It is not easy to know how the other person feels about you. It does not really seem necessary to know their feelings about you unless the other person is important for you. The most important person who matters to you and whose judgment about you holds...

Manicure Tips at Home in Urdu

A manicure is a professional method to clean your hands, nails and cuticles. Manicure keeps your hands neat and clean. Hands are the prominent part of the body and also observed by others. Clean and trimmed nails make your hands beautiful. Like other parts of the body your hands need proper care and treatment.Nail painting is...

Interview | Interview Tips | Job Interview Preparation Tips

An impressive interview determines the bright future. Usually it happens that in spite of matching with the criteria, you cannot get the job. There can be many reasons of this failure. For your help we are giving useful tips for an interview, you must keep in mind our interview tips for a successful interview.

Most Dangerous Animals in the World

Where the animals in the world contribute to the beauty and charm, some of them are fatal to life as well. Today’s article surrounds the most dangerous animals in the world along with the risk factors related with these dangerous animals of the world. Further you are welcome here to get the information regarding the most dangerous...

Why Car Prices Are Higher In Pakistan

Why Car Prices Are Higher In Pakistan In Pakistan, from last few years there is no increase is seen in the collecting of taxes, but the government is still increasing the ratio of taxes in every budget. The import policies are showing the same results. As far as the automobiles industries are concerned, they...

Side Effects of Air Conditioner

The Side Effects of Air Conditioners Before the invention of air conditioners, people used to sit in the shade of trees in order to beat the heat of the summer season. It used to be a time for gathering together under the shade of a tree in the hot afternoons and share their problems...

How to Save Electricity

Follow these important steps in order to save electricity in your homes. Ways to Save Electricity Turn off the electrical appliances in your house if they are running unnecessarily. Turn them on only when their use is required.Make sure that all the rooms in your house are well ventilated. In this...

Amrood: Guava Health Benefits

Guava can be labeled as highly renowned and delicious fruit. Most of the people love to eat it in various gorgeous styles that can be in the form of juices, fruit salad and simply enjoying it by giving it different shapes by cutting into cubes or slices. Mainly Guava is of two types, 1st one is yellowish...

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