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Coconut Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Coconut oil suits all skin types. It is one of the best moisturizers for our skin and imparts a radiant glow to it. Getting Rid of Wrinkles Coconut oil is a wonderful solution to fight the problem of skin’s dryness. It makes the skin feel soft and silky. It is also great to...

Cholera Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Urdu

Cholera is a bacterial disease, which is spread through a specific bacteria, called the Cholera Bacillis. This disease is more common in Pakistan, India and other countries of Asia; and spreads more during the summer season. West Bengal’s fertile lands are termed the home of Cholera; as a result, this disease has spread around the world. Causes...

China: History Of Chinese Civilization In Urdu Language

China is considered to be one of the ancient human civilizations. The Chinese civilization also has a credit to invent its own written language. Others civilizations include Mesopotamia, Indus Civilization, Maya Civilization and Ancient Egypt Civilizations. The Chinese language is used only in China, Japan and up to some extent in Korea and Vietnam. It is the only language in which the whole...

Child Labour | Child Labor In Pakistan In Urdu

When the death of Hazrat Ameer Hamza was occurred, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) ordered to bring the teenager daughter of Ameer Hamza from Madina. Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris accepted the duty and fond her and brought her back from Madina. As his journey was about to end, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Jafar were reached to take the...

Business Partnership

What is Business Partnership? Business partnership is a relation between two or more than two persons who agree to share the profit of the business. Such a mutual trade is run either by all the partners or one of them who is nominated for the purpose. Under which law, it is applied for...

Breastfeeding and Fasting

Breastfeeding and fasting are two things which are interrelated and affect a woman’s health as well as her baby’s. When a woman has a bay to feed and she has to keep fast in the month of Ramadan there are many questions that she might need answers for. Such questions have been discussed and given answers to in order to help...

Breast Enlargement Tips to Increase Breast Size

Natural Breast Enlargement Tips: We all own different body shapes and features. Allah Almighty Has gifted His Creature with beautiful faces different from others. In this article we will talk about natural breast enlargement. You will find effective exercises to increase breast size. Natural Breast Enlargement Tips: We all own different body shapes and features. Allah Almighty Has gifted His Creature...

Brain | Brain Functions

Brain is the most imperative part of human body and God has furnished billions of neurons in this little mass. It is a hub that is comprises of network of hundreds of veins called nervous system; controls all the activities of body. This article consists of many aspects of brain functions that clarify the problems and functionality of the human brain.

Bodybuilding Food, Nutrition Or Diet Guide Tips in Urdu

Nutrition is an essential component of your body. It is very necessary to have a proper nutrition in your diet to sustain a healthy life. If you are indulging yourself in exercise like bodybuilding it becomes further imperative for you to have proper nutrition. Many people just focus to build their muscles and don’t focus on the nutrition. Glucose and necessary vitamins...

Blood Sugar Types and Treatments in Urdu

Blood sugar is also termed as blood glucose. A healthy body obtains glucose not just from carbohydrates, but also from proteins as well as fats in the food. The entire body is adversely affected if the level of blood glucose rises above or falls below its normal levels. Therefore, maintaining a healthy balance of glucose in the body is of utmost importance.

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