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What Are The Health Benefits Of Melon?

As you all know that melon is a summer fruit, it is yellow in color. A person who eats more melon their skin is prevented from freckles and their body is saved from dryness. This melon is enriched with vitamin “D” which is a wrestler against incalescence and it is very effective in summer weather. Other than...

Grewia: Falsa Benefits in Urdu

Grewia is a tiny fruit with huge beneficial power. Apparently it appears a small sweet and sour fruit but it actually boast numerous qualities and nutrition that play an awesome role in making someone feel healthy and fresh. Basically Grewia is summer fruit that reduces sun burn affects in the body. It is largely used by making...

Why Do We Fall in Love ?

Love is the most beautiful and purest feeling of the world. Most people get so blind in the love that they don’t even care about their life. We have witnessed so many real life stories in which love birds have died for each other. Here we will discuss the facts which make people fall in love.

Good Tips for Debating

Debate is a kind of discussion that is held in detail on some particular topic. Here we’ll suggest you some golden rules of debating. The foremost thing that should be kept in mind is that you must have full grasp over the topic that is assigned to you. The next thing that should be kept in mind...

Health Benefits of Ginger in Urdu

Health Benefits of Ginger: Ginger is a root, which grows underground and is a common element of our consumption. It is mostly used to treat problems related to the digestive system. It is also effective for strengthening your memory. In fact, it can treat a number of ailments. For instance, it is very useful for curing flu...

Why Girls Love Shopping ?

No matter that are girls or elder ladies, all seem crazy to envoy their friends in the race of modernism and fashion. They love to shop more because they are love in competition of new styles and fashion with their colleagues, classmates, party members etc. Girls are not in love with one particular shopping type, but seem...

Vladimir Lenin: History and Biography

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, who is known as Lenin nowadays, was responsible for the great system in Russia. He was a sincere follower of the Marks and he adopted the same policy that was supported by Marks. Lenin was born in 1870 in the town of Russia named Simbirsk, which is known as Ulyanov due to his personality.

We As Human. Analyze

Have you ever considered that what was the purpose of your creation? A person comes in this world with empty hands and leaves with the same condition. If he thinks for happiness, he has to face the rude behavior of others. If someone seeks for mourns, he finds many ways of happiness. This is the natural phenomena...

Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger

How to Apply Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger: Eyes are one of the elemental aspects of beauty and big and wide eyes are always considered gorgeous. Eye shapes vary from person to person and similarly eye makeup is also different for different types of eyes. Beauty and makeup experts have introduced various techniques for women with small...

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