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Side Effects Or Disadvantages Of Bodybuilding In Urdu

If body building exercises are done in a proper way then no side effects are supposed to arise. But if during these exercises even a single mistake is committed, it can be hazardous to your body as well as health. Carelessness during body building exercises can lead to muscle pull, heart problems, muscles pain and to some...

How To Show Your Employees You Care About Them?

You can be a better boss if you take the right steps and possess the right leadership qualities. This is not something out of the world to be blessed with good leadership qualities that can make you able to communicate the right spirit of care and interest into your employees. Read the ways below in which you...

Nadra Pakistan

Over time NADRA Pakistan has become the pride institution of this country being an internationally acclaimed for its quality and services. NADRA issues government ID cards to all the citizens of Pakistan and keeps the record of all the human beings of the country. Citizens of all the countries of the world have their unique identification that...

Eid Gift Ideas

Eid is the special occasion for the Muslims, which comes twice a year. The entire Muslim community shares happiness and exchanges gifts on the day of Eid. People get together on Eid days, forgo their issues for the time being and enjoy blessings of Allah bestowed upon them. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated on the first...

Morning to Dusk

When an individual reaches the age of 40, he feels as if as he is standing at a crossroad. It is that point of one’s life when one should either prove that he is still youthful or should quietly accept the reality. The onset of old age proves to be destructive. It eliminates one’s...

Ramadan: Month of Health and Holiness for Women

Ramadan is the month of health and happiness. It is the holy month which is not only meant for spiritual purposes and for us to show our reverence and staunch support to our religion but also for our health and benefits as well. Here is a list...

Allah Is Enough For Me | Allah Is Not Far

When the slaves of Egypt asked Hazrat Moosa A.S about their source of food in the dessert, Allah Almighty showered food for them from the heavens. This food was called the “Man o Salwa”. For a while, this Man O Salwa remained their favourite meal. However, after some time, they got fed up of it. This is...

Benefits of Mango During Pregnancy

Is it safe to take mangoes during pregnancy?yes one need to know .As mangoes are known to pack with majorly Vitamin A and C and also a great source of dietary fiber and beta carotene.Thanks to its many health benefits,but you are recommended to eat it in moderation How they are helpful during pregnancy;

Benefits of Mango Leaves

BENEFITS OF MANGO LEAVES There is no denying in the fact that Japanese use herbs or leaves for centuries in order to seek treatment and their life credibility increases by taking herbs and this is  what they claim. Yes,we’re all slowly going back to nature. People nowadays have started to live healthier by going...

April Fool | April Fool History

April fool that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in many countries of the world, despite not knowing the real truth about this day, the Muslim countries are also crazy about celebrating this day. It has a cruel background that will really make you ashamed of it once you will come to know about it. Do find out the April fool history in...

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