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Ginger Tea Health Benefits

Obesity and Its Natural Cure: Obesity doesn’t only distort the image of your impressive personality, but also it has proved to be the mother of many diseases, which are often fatal. In other words, controlling excessive fatness could mean a single effective and long term solution for a multitude of health and personality-related problems. Being conscious of the gruesome hazards...

Gastritis Symptoms, Treatment and Causes

No doubt yummy and delicious food on the table is hard to resist. Many of us can’t stop themselves from eating tempting flavors. But after eating a sudden burning sensation may rise in the stomach and don’t mix it up with heartburn because it can be a symptom of gastritis. What Is Gastritis? An...

Foods for Healthy Sperm – Foods That Increase Sperm Count

15 Miracle Foods for Healthy Sperm: 25 out of 100 men face the problem of low sperm production and thus find themselves unsatisfied with their performance in married life. If you are one of those 25 facing such issue in life, then I definitely have a compiled list of 15 miracle foods to boost sperm volume.

Flu or Influenza: Symptoms, Treatment and Preventions

Influenza, also known as the flu, is a disease caused by the influenza virus. Generally, it is not considered as a life threatening disease anymore, however it caused severe damage back in 1918. Now days with the advancement in medical sciences this disease can be recovered in within a week or two. But it doesn’t mean that you can take influenza casually because every...

Floor Cleaning

Marble is a beautiful and precious stone, used to construct buildings. Marble is being widely used in the building of houses, offices etc. people love to use marble to increase the beauty of the flour and the walls of bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Marble is being used from the old times and liked by majority of the people, as it is...

Faisalabad History in Urdu

Faisalabad is the ancient city of Punjab that was discovered in 1892 by a British Sir Charles James Lyal and because of him was firstly called Lyallpur. It is the third biggest city of Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore and because of its industrial development Faisalabad is named as “Manchester of Asia”. The model of his city was designed by Cap Poham Young. In this regard Saudi Shah Faisal contributed...

Face Beauty Tips in Urdu

Face Beauty Tips: Every women or girl wants to look beautiful. Normally women face problems like cracked lips and dark circles below eyes and do a lot of things to get rid of these nightmares. Now you can get rid of these dark circles and cracked lips with some natural remedies. Today in this Urdu column we are going to explain some...

Excess of Vitamin D Side Effects

Vitamins are necessary for good health and growth. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that is also produced artificially with the UV rays. This vitamin is also known as Anti Rickets medicine. An optimum amount of vitamin is required by the human body for protection against diseases and proper functioning of the different internal system like blood circulation etc. But over-consumption of...

Etiquettes of Eating in Islam | Khana Khaney Ke Adaab

Islam is a complete guideline for each and every aspect of our lives. While eating, we should follow certain steps that are described by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and which are necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Do read the etiquettes of eating in Islam in the following lines. • You should wash your hands completely before and after having the meal. Some people...

Essay Tips for a Happy Life

Everyone wishes to live a life that is full of happiness and tension free. Happy life means a successful one and every human being desires to have a beautiful life that is why everyone is busy to get a peaceful life by his or her own ways. But there are certain conditions that should be fulfilled to be happy and carefree....

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