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Headache | Types of Headache and its Causes

You would have often seen people pressing their forehead with the help of their fingers. Are you one of them? The headache irritates you a lot and you feel like something is pinning hard on your skull. The problem arises when you involve yourself in ordinary things and are tensed over them and one day these ordinary things look like they are...

Hazrat Umar R.A

After the death of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique he became the second Cliph of Islam. Hazrat Umar (R.A) was a great reformer and king of the time. He was born in Makkah city in a noble tribe of Quraish. He was given the title of “Farooq” after he embraced Islam. He was a literate person among a very few people in...

Hazrat Moosa A.S | Hazrat Musa History in Urdu

Hazrat Musa A.S was a messenger of God. He was sent to the people of Bani Israel for the preaching of Islam. He was born in Egypt on 1571 BC. A fortune teller had already told Firoun that a baby boy is going to born in Bani Israel and he will destroy Pharaoh as well. So Firoun killed all new born baby...

Hazrat Hassan R.A

Islamic history is full of the legendary personalities; the personalities who always sacrificed for the right, soft in nature and pious. Hazrat Hassan Bin Ali R.A is one those pious personalities but have preference on many other because of his perfect character and pious nature. Early life Grandson and companion of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Abu Muhammad Hassan Bin...

Hazrat Ali R.A

Hazrat Ali (RA) is one of the most noteworthy and respectable personalities in the history of Islam. Other than being among the most beloved companions of Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon Him), he was also his paternal cousin. Moreover, he also earned the status of Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) son-in-law when the latter gave his beloved daughter, Hazrat Fatima’s...

Hassan Bin Saba | Hassan Ibn Sabbah Assassins Ismailis

Hassan bin Sabah History is full of tales of people who carved their mark in either black or white. Hassan bin Sabah did so in black. He was born in 1050s and died in 1124. He was Persian and a Shi’ia Ismaili Muslim. He is also known to be the founder of the Sabahia group. Hassan’s father...

Hasrat Mohani | Maulana Hasrat Mohani Urdu

Moulana Hasrat Mohani was a well known Urdu poet, politician and leader. His real name was Syed Fazal and he was born in Oudh. Syed Azhar Hassan was his father who was descendent of Imam Ali Mousa Raza. He read Holy Quran, Persian and Urdu books by Ghulam Ali Mohani. He remained in Fatehpur during his initial...

Happy Marriage Life Tips for Men and Women

Marriage is considered a blessing, but many people mistakenly stamp it as a curse. It is the beautifully strong relation of love that God has created for His creature. Some steps are necessary to take in order to make this relation beautiful otherwise it would be ruined. Change of thoughts may occur among children and parents, but it doesn’t mean to...

Hair Transplant Surgery: Side Effects in Urdu

Hair transplant is modern technique increasingly achieving popularity in the entire world. This modern technique is undoubtedly a center of attraction for so many people as they are unaware of the dangers caused by it. Hair transplant is a hectic process that may cause visual weakness, allergy and may also cause injury to the skin. There can be a large list of problems and negative after effects...

Hair care tips for Black Hair

Having Black hair is in demand and has been in demand for years. Even currently, in the century of beautifying use, peoples are having inclined towards the natural treatments. Some individual loses the crowdedness of the hair as well as the natural color. This can be due to unnecessary chemical use. Early graying has also come to the path for many men...

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