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How to Increase Breast Milk ?

Make Your Mind Stress-Free: If you are mentally disturbed or have any stress on your mind, your milk supply would, definitely, get disturbed, so will your baby. First of all, abandon all stresses before going to feed your newborn. The best way of it is just to think good, make beautiful future plans for your child and just...

How to Gain Weight Naturally

Weight gain is a natural and internally regulated phenomenon. It is thought that the weight and food have direct relation but this is not the case with everyone. Sometimes unhealthy food can also reduce your weight and it becomes difficult to gain weight. We are describing the weight gain tips so that you can put on some weight to look healthy and beautiful.

How to Gain Confidence? Confidence Tips in Urdu

Tips to Gain Confidence A person’s self confidence reflects his or her personality. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to never let go of your self-confidence. You will find some useful tips for boosting up your confidence here. The first rule, which must be followed to give a boost to your confidence, is to follow...

How to Exfoliate Face at Home?

Exfoliation is basically the treatment of dead cells and uneven skin. The exfoliation of face softens the skin and provides it a fresh look. It is enough to exfoliate your face at home once a week as too much exfoliation causes harmful impacts to skin. The foremost step in this regard is that for exfoliation, it is necessary to know about which skin type do you have and precede this process according to skin...

How to do Pedicure at Home ? Pedicure Tips in Urdu

Pedicure Tips: Most of the people don’t care about their feet. They feel that only face needs care but it is not so. The skin of the feet is usually harder than the skin of hand and face. The skin of feet is naked most of the time and especially when are going outside and sandal strips leave marks on feet that’s...

How to Control Cholesterol ?

Looking for tips on how to control cholesterol in Urdu, it is all here. Proper diet is a key to better health of the individual. The focus should be on a balanced diet instead of proper diet. If you eat too much, you will gain weight which results in a lot of other health problems and if you eat less it will lead...

How to Choose Best Hair Color? Hair Color Tips in Urdu

We provide you Hair Color ideas or Tips for the natural hair color as well as creative coloring techniques. Coloring hair is perhaps the quickest & most dramatic way to change your look but your new hair color should complement your skin tone. Different shades suit with different hairstyles, skin tones, eye colors & clothing. The trend to dye...

How to Apply Cleansing Milk ?

Cleansing milk or cream is extremely important for face skin protection as it cleans face from all the dust and germs that we come across during the day. It is important to wash your face daily before going to sleep with cleansing milk in order to maintain the beauty of your face. Here we will list down the simple step by step...

Homeopathic Medicine Side Effects in Urdu

Homeopathy is a system of the medication introduced by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 on the principle of ” Like cures like”. The principle states that the symptoms of the disease i.e. Immunity against any particular disease in a healthy person can cure the disease in sickness. Homeopathy gained popularity in the 19th century after the 80% success rate during the cholera epidemic...

Home Remedies for Open Pores

Like other parts of the body skin is also a living organ, which provokes a sense of life in us. After eyes, skin is the most sensitive part of the body. The cells in skin bear the weather changes and keep the body safe from extreme weather changes. However if you don’t eat healthy then cells of the skin like other...

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